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20 daily household chores that can now be automated |


From smart devices to wearable technology, IoT Secure has compiled a list of some of the most mundane household tasks that can now be automated. They range from cleaning your grill grates to brewing your morning cup of coffee.

The word “automation” is used today in a way that suggests apps or wifi connections, but at its core it’s the term for anything that makes something happen without human interference. This means that one of the oldest automated technologies is the clock, even before any type of mechanical clock when people used water and sand clocks to tell the time. Consumers today are surrounded by Wi-Fi-enabled devices that track movements, images, and more.

In fact, clocks are a great way to track automation. Modern clocks started out as complex mechanical devices that had to be wound up in order to keep the tension in the mechanisms – that’s what made them work. Imagine the first time someone used a battery-operated or even atomic clock and felt confident that they weren’t “wasting” 15 minutes a day anymore. Now, the smartwatch uses a small rechargeable battery to tell the time, track your heart rate, and display recent content from your smartphone.

Keep reading to discover 20 everyday household chores that can now be automated.