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3 Easy Ree Drummond Ice Cream Cake Recipes That Are Perfect For Summer


Ree Drummond has come up with a number of easy ice cream cakes that are semi-homemade or completely made with store-bought ingredients. The pioneer woman star has shared some of his favorite ice cream cakes over the years and there are a variety of ways to customize them to your liking.

“The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper / Getty Images for Pioneer Woman magazine

Ree Drummond shared her favorite frozen tiramisu cake

Drummond loves everything about coffee, so it’s no surprise that one of his favorite frozen cake creations is a fun twist on a classic tiramisu dessert.

When preparing the iced tiramisu cake during an episode of The pioneer woman show, Drummond explained that she is a huge fan of ice cream cakes because they are so easy and versatile.

“Ice cream cakes are so good to have in the freezer,” Drummond explained. “I do them all the time. Sometimes I make round cake layers, sometimes I make squares. It’s so much fun because you can kind of take any angle you want.

“Tiramisu is my favorite dessert, so I knew it would be obvious,” she added.

The pioneer woman star figured out a way to make a favorite cafe dessert in a snap, explaining, “For the cake part you can make a homemade sponge cake – or you can take a cute shortcut and use a purchased frozen pound cake at the store.”

Drummond sliced ​​the cake into layers and got to work putting together the delicious dessert. She started with a slice of cake on the bottom, added a drizzle of coffee liqueur, then spread some softened coffee ice cream on it along with a mixture of ground espresso beans and chocolate. She repeated the layers using chocolate ice cream in one layer, coffee ice cream on the next, and vanilla ice cream on top. After a final pinch of the mixture of espresso beans and chocolate, she covered the cake and put it in the freezer for four hours.

You can find the full recipe on Food web website.

Ree Drummond has created a traditional ice cream cake recipe that you can customize

If coffee desserts aren’t your favorite, Drummond has more traditional ice cream cake options. One of her frozen layered cakes uses a pound cake with layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, as well as chocolate candy chips in layers and a chocolate sauce and candy topping.

Of course, the dessert can be fully personalized with different flavors of ice cream and whatever candy you want to sprinkle on the layers. Crumbled cookies or sprinkles make a great garnish and give the dessert a fun touch.

The full recipe is available on Food web website.

“The Pioneer Woman” Star Also Makes Individual Ice Cream Cakes

Drummond also offers individually sized ice cream cake snacks that can be easily stored in the freezer so they’re ready to grab. The best part? There are only 3 ingredients!

“They are super easy to do,” she explained on The pioneer woman. “I just put 15 chocolate sandwich cookies in the bowl of a food processor and beat them until they were fine crumbs.”

After adding melted butter to the crumbs, she combined the ingredients, then pressed the cookie crust into the bottom and sides of the muffin tins. She placed the muffin pan in the freezer while she combined soggy ice cream and cracker cookies, then poured the ice cream mixture into each muffin pan and covered it with more cookie crumbs.

Drummond placed the dessert in the freezer and, once set, removed each serving and placed them in a resealable plastic bag for freezer storage.

Drummond’s full recipe is on the Food web website.

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