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After filter coffee, Chennai artist wows netizens with Maggi’s painting


If you’re active on social media, chances are you’ve come across a post that looks like a simple photograph of a filter coffee but on closer inspection, it turns out to be a painting. Now the artist is back and has managed to create a buzz yet again – this time with an image of a Maggi pack. The design was so perfect that even the brand was blown away.

Varuna Shreethar from Chennai, Tamil Nadu broke the internet with his captivating digital art when people noticed it was not filmed but painted by someone. Taking to Twitter on Saturday, the 21-year-old artist shared an old painting of India’s favorite instant noodles.

Much like his previous post, the signature yellow Nestlé product packaging with a 2-minute bowl of noodles looked exactly like the packaging we see in stores or at home.

Take a look at the painting here:

Soon, as the post started to gain traction, Maggi India noticed it too and joined in the conversation. “This photo surely took our ‘Dil’ (heart),” the food company wrote, adding “keep showing the #maggilove.”

Touched by the company’s comment, the young entertainer replied, “Maggi has been my favorite food since I was little, living for that full circle moment. [sic]”.

Earlier, speaking to indianexpress.com about her style, she explained that she incorporates ‘hyperrealism with impressionism’ in her art and added ‘that’s why I leave the texture so raw in the paintings’.

“My intention is not to reproduce a photograph. That’s what cameras are for, I wanted to create a painting that looks like something you love so much,” she added.