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AIDA Cruises takes green measures in its shore office


AIDA Cruises has invested in a sustainable and future-proof business model as part of its green cruise strategy, according to a press release, also highlighting what it is doing at the company’s headquarters in Rostock and Hamburg.

Using reusable packaging instead of disposable packaging or avoiding packaging altogether is one of many examples.

With the reopening of the employee cafeteria after the pandemic, for example, two sustainable deposit systems were introduced for take-out meals with REWBOWL and RECUP.

The company said it also provides its employees with unpackaged fruit.

Coffee specialties are available freshly ground from modern coffee machines. Water can be drawn from water stations in tea kitchens.

Office-wide printers have also been reduced, with central printers serving multiple employees and using recycled paper.

There are also discounted public transport programs and even company bicycles, which can also be rented free of charge to individuals.

For business trips in Germany, the company makes it a point of honor to favor the train as a mode of transport.

For many years, all office buildings in Rostock and Hamburg have been supplied with 100% electricity from renewable sources.

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