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All the coffee thermos to collect in episode 1


Coffee thermos can be found in every episode of Alan Wake remastered. Oh Deer Diner branded collectibles do not provide any additional content, but finding 25 of them will bring up the “Damn Good Cup of Coffee” Trophy / Achievement, and once all 100 are found, “Hypercaffeinated” will be also unlocked.

Unlike the manuscript pages of Episode 1 of Alan Wake remastered, there are no additional thermos to find on Nightmare difficulty. They can all be found by playing on Easy or Normal. There are 14 Coffee Thermos locations in Episode 1, and this guide will detail where to find them all.

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While the footage was captured in the updated version of the game, the same locations apply to both the original and remastered versions of Alan wake.

All the coffee thermos to collect in Episode 1 of Alan Wake Remastered

Coffee thermos 1

Alan Wake Remastered Episode 1 Dream Sequence Prologue with Circled Collectible

The first coffee thermos in Alan Wake remastered is located near the closed bridge in the Dream Sequence tutorial at the start of the game. Just go ahead and follow the main road until the bridge is reached, and players will spot the collector’s item at the edge.

Coffee thermos 2

Alan Wake Remastered Collector's Item Circled in Dream Sequence Prologue

Continue on the path to the lighthouse until Alan acquires the Flare Gun. Turn right before jumping to enter a small bunker. The thermos is on a wooden box at the back of the building. This is easily missed, but can be achieved quickly by reloading the sequence from the Alan Wake remastered Episodes menu from the title screen, or simply by starting a new game.

Coffee thermos 3

Alan Wake Remastered circled the collector's item outside the lighthouse during the dream sequence tutorial

After being chased across the bridge by a tornado, look towards the bench in the right corner, before entering the lighthouse. The 3rd thermos cafe is above the bench.

Coffee thermos 4

Alan Wake Remastered Collectible Circled Oh Deer Diner

In the Oh Deer Restaurant after the ferry ride with Alice, players can find a coffee thermos on a table to the left of Cynthia Weaver, under the restaurant’s neon sign. This is one of the first places where players can really see the visual improvements in Alan Wake remastered compared to the original.

Coffee thermos 5

Alan Wake Remastered Circled Collectible At The Edge Of The Bird's Leg Hut Cliff

In Bird Leg Cabin, immediately turn around instead of crossing the bridge when players control Alan. Climb all the way up the cliff until Alan and Alice’s car is visible. The Coffee Thermos sits to the left of the car, overlooking the cabin on a wooden platform.

Coffee thermos 6

Alan Wake Remastered Collectible Encircled In A Bird's-Footed Shack

Enter the Bird Leg Hut, turn left, go up the stairs and enter the kitchen. The collector’s item is on the counter next to a coffee maker.

Coffee thermos 7

Alan Wake Remastered Encircled Collectible in a Lumber Yard

After seeing Stucky as the take for the first time in a cutscene, head to the right, towards the objective. However, before you leave this small area with the wood stacked in blocks, turn left (where the manuscript page is if players haven’t collected it already) and head towards the car. The thermos is on the floor next to it.

Coffee thermos 8

Alan Wake Remastered Circled Collectible At The Creek By The Lumber Yard

Cross the first log above the stream then turn left. Keep walking in that direction to the end of the island then turn around. The thermos is on the left side, at the top of a large rock.

Coffee thermos 9

Alan Wake Remastered circled the collectible lumberyard with broken stairs

Cross the stream then turn right. Alan will get the objective of reaching the path above the broken stairs. Go between the two large piles of wood, just after the stairs, and turn right. The 9th thermos can then be seen on top of a large boulder.

Coffee thermos 10

Alan Wake Remastered Circled Collectible In The Woods Near The Gas Station

After reaching the path above the broken stairs, follow the objective up the hill. Get off and Alan will notice the gas station is nearby. Turn right here to face the rocky area at the edge. The thermos is hidden behind a small rock on the left.

Coffee thermos 11

Alan Wake Remastered Collectible Surrounded In Woods Near Gas Station And Shelter

As they travel through the woods, players will encounter a safe haven where they can heal themselves Alan Wake remastered. Right after, in the far northeast is a large rocky cliff where enemies constantly respawn. The Coffee Thermos is near the edge here, in front of a barrel.

Coffee thermos 12

Alan Wake Remastered circled collector's item in lumber yard after stuck fight

Follow the main path after Stucky’s fight and players will see the collector’s item above the wheels of a yellow crane. Players can return to the control room through the previously locked fence if they wish to collect a TV show slot. He will play an episode of the fictional Night Springs, which is a benchmark that links Alan wake with Control.

Coffee thermos 13

Alan Wake Remastered Circled Collectible Outside Gas Station

This thermos is located near the price signs in front of the gas station. Walk past the Deerfest Truck and players will see the collector’s item under the left panel. A few of the cars here have been replaced with generic fictitious brands, like Alan Wake remastered had to remove the product placements seen in the original due to expired licenses.

Coffee thermos 14

Alan Wake Remastered Circled Collectible Near Gas Station

The last Coffee Thermos in episode 1 of Alan Wake remastered is on the main road next to the petrol station. Before entering the station, turn left on the main road and continue to the end. The collector’s item is on the ground in front of the truck blocking the entrance to the tunnel. There will be a lot of enemies spawning here, but using the quick reload in Alan Wake remastered can help clear the encounter faster.

It’s every Coffee Thermos location in Episode 1, but there’s more to go into Episode 2 on the way to Lovers’ Peak in Alan Wake remastered, and other locations.

Alan Wake remastered is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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