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Amazon shoppers love the Bonsenkitchen Milk Frother


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Currently down 33%, Amazon’s favorite milk frother comes equipped with a powerful battery-powered motor that foams efficiently in under 20 seconds. Its whisk is made of durable stainless steel and designed to blend a variety of types of milk, as well as powder mixes such as matcha and hot cocoa. In addition, the one-touch construction and ergonomic handle of the hand-held frother makes navigation easy for all coffee lovers, regardless of their latte skill level.

Buy: Bonsenkitchen Milk Frother, $ 12 (originally $ 18) at amazon.com

Bonsenkitchen’s Affordable Milk Frother has earned a 4.6 star rating from Amazon buyers and garnered over 2,000 perfect reviews. For many, this has proven to be a useful tool in saving money on expensive drinks in cafes. And, he is even conquered by the baristas.

“Money saver here,” one said. “Gone are the $ 6 almond milk lattes! I bought many different hand frothers, and this one is my favorite. I’m a [former] barista and this one makes the best alternative milk froth (almond, coconut, cashew, etc.).

Reviewers were impressed with the gadget’s quick whipping and lathering abilities and praised its clean design. “Wow, this little gadget is amazing,” raved another customer. “It made the lather I wanted in seconds. It’s light, easy to use, really powerful, and so easy to clean.”

For some, it has become essential in their kitchens as it can be used to mix, mix, and prepare a variety of drinks beyond coffee. Critics have shared that he has enough strength to tackle protein shakes, beat eggs for baking, cocktails, etc.

“What was my life like before that?” wrote a review, who used the frother to mix their protein shakes. “This thing works wonderfully. I’ve been using it religiously every day for the past month and a half on my fitness and weight loss journey. I even take it with me if I’m not exercising at all. the House!”


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