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Anushka Sharmas looks back on the ‘two cups of hot coffee’ era


We’ve seen caffeine lovers all over the world share photos with their favorite cup of tea at one time or another. But when Anushka Sharma talks about coffee, she has a slightly different story. Of course, the actress had given her heart to coffee in the past. It’s all just a memory now. We know this from her new Instagram post. Anushka shared a throwback photo where she sits in front of two cups of coffee. She is seen holding the phone and has a satisfied smile on her face. The caption reads: “Throwback to the days when I could drink not one but two cups of ‘hot’ coffee in peace and even scroll my phone maybe!”

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Anushka left us puzzled when she added, “If you know, you know.

Lately, Anushka Sharma posted throwback moments from her food diaries. She shared a video where we see her making tomato jam in her kitchen. She walks us through the jam-making process – from picking tomatoes from the garden to spreading the jam on toast. Anushka wrote: “Back to lockdown 2020 when I had looked at too many food blogs, decided to shoot this jam video and thought coronavirus would be gone by 2021.” To watch the video and find out how Anushka and her family enjoyed the jam, click here.

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Anushka Sharma is certainly not afraid of good food. Glimpses of his life often feature delicious treats that can make our mouths water. The actress celebrated Christmas in 2021 with a lovely dessert prepared especially for the holiday season. She was a delicious plum cake coated in white chocolate ganache and decorated with holly leaves and berries. To discover a preview of this gourmet delicacy, click here.

Anushka Sharma also enjoys flaunting her culinary adventures with her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli. A few months ago, on one occasion, we saw the couple enjoy a cup of delicious coffee. And it wasn’t just any cafe, it was adorned with the faces of Virat and Anushka. “We are so delicious,” Anushka wrote, clearly ecstatic to have their faces on the coffee.

Here’s another time a few months ago when Anushka Sharma posed with Virat Kohli for a “quick breakfast.” She was seen biting into toast while Virat held a cup of coffee or tea. Learn more here.

We love Anushka Sharma’s candid food posts and can’t wait to see what she cooks up next.