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Atomo released the world’s first molecular coffee made right here in Seattle



What two things come to mind when you think of Seattle? For us, it’s coffee and technology. As you may recall, earlier this year we talked about a Seattle company called Atomo. They strive to change the coffee game through bean-free coffee and they’ve finally launched a product. Ready to try the future of coffee?

If you are not familiar with Atomo, they create coffee that is both delicious and better for the planet. They do this by creating coffee by rebuilding it from the atom using plants similar to coffee. And now that a product has been released, you can find out exactly what that means.

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The product contains Brewed Atomo Coffee (water, date seed extracts, chicory root, grape skin), inulin, natural flavors, caffeine. It is vegan, gluten free, contains no allergens, and is also kosher. Plus, it has 84 mg of caffeine, just like your normal cup of coffee.

Best of all, you still have the option to buy some. Atomo is selling a limited version of its classic, ultra-mild cold brew while supplies last. So, if you are someone who needs to be on top of technology, this is a buy you need to make ASAP.

A limited edition starter pack will set you back $ 59.95 and includes 2 slim packs with 4 cans per pack for a total of $ 7.49 per can. If you want to buy or learn more, you can click here. Enjoy folks and as always, if you end up giving it a try, be sure to let us know what you think!



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