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Black Friday deals at Target now: Dyson vacuums, Beats headphones, Keurig coffee and more


This story is part of 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, our list of ideas, by theme, by recipient and by price, to help you discover the ideal gift.

Black Friday is just around the corner, but you don’t have to wait until November 26 to get a good deal. The target is rolling Black Friday Deals offers throughout the month. Every Sunday during the holiday season, Target will be adding a new selection of vacation deals to continue saving with deep discounts on home, kitchen, electronics and more. Additionally, there are still many products from the first round that are still on sale (albeit with a slightly lower discount). Target has its work cut out for it, as competitors like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart has early Black Friday sales, too much.

So what if you buy something today and see it with an extra 20% off in the days to come? Target has what you need: the retailer price match its own offers. If an item’s price drops later during the holiday season, Target will let customers match prices until December 24. Target will also match the prices of certain competitors within 14 days of purchase. (As always, check the disclaimers and disclaimers at the link above.)

Two important things to keep in mind:

  • Some of these offers will require you to collect them from your local target.
  • Amazon is currently matching the prices of many of these offers, but not all of them.

We’ll continue to update this page with all of the latest Black Friday deals from Target as they are released. Without further ado, let’s find out about the best Target deals we’re seeing right now.


Patrick Hollande / CNET

With 3GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel triple camera, and a 6.4-inch display, the Moto G Fast is a good budget alternative to handsets like the iPhone and Pixel that cost three or four times as much. This model is unlocked, so you can activate it with your preferred carrier. Amazon also matched the price of this deal.

Learn more about the Moto G Fast.


Compatible with smart devices like TVs, thermostats, and lights, with the Google Nest Mini you can control your entire home with just the sound of your voice. The voice activated google assistant can also play your favorite music or answer your weather and news questions, all you have to do is ask “Hey Google”. In addition, Best Buy matched the price of this offer.


Brew a single cup or a full pot with this two-in-one coffee maker. Compatible with Keurig K-Cup pods and your favorite brand of ground coffee.

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