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Braintree Café invites customers to meet over coffee


A POPULAR city cafe encourages its customers to come together and create memories over a cup of coffee in order to celebrate an international event.

The Braintree-based TOAST cafe opened on the High Street in February 2020 and also saw branches open in Chelmsford and Walthamstow.

It’s a celebration of all that is toasted with lots of spreads on offer as well as lots of coffee.

Today, the company is celebrating International Coffee Day and invites customers to take a moment to come together and raise a cup in unison to celebrate coffee.

It encourages customers to create memories, whether it’s meeting up with a friend, having a family lunch, or just making time for yourself.

October 1 is the internationally recognized date of the day and TOAST invites customers to stop by and enjoy their coffee with a 50% promotion on all of its coffee-based drinks, in addition to a toast to the opportunity.

Co-founder Rob Ely said, “Coffee is a medium through which so many human interactions and memories are created.

“Everyone thinks it’s just a drink, but it’s more than that.

“Meetings around a coffee, reunion with friends, this lunch outside the office. Coffee creates bonds.

“And that’s what TOAST is. It’s about people getting together over coffee and bonding, and ultimately creating memories. ”

The independent coffee shop chain was founded by three friends – Robert, Daniel and Louis. – with the passion and the mission to break the cookie-cutter mold of a chain of street cafes.

Their menu features award-winning coffee, toast and shakes, created daily on site by experienced baristas.

They also use high quality local ingredients.

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