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Brass horn coffee roasters add food to the menu


When Jeremy Florida and his wife opened Brass Horn Coffee Roasters two years ago in hopes of attracting students and downtown residents, they were asked if there would ever be food added to the menu. . At that point, Florida said without committing that it was a future possibility, “when the time is right.”

From the start, their pastries came from the local Olive Branch bakery. These include muffins, rolls, and scones. But they have since expanded the number of local vendors they use to prepare their heavier dishes, which are served all day.

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“It has been a pleasure to work with local vendors like @simplypuresweets, G&W Hamery and @sowandharvestfarms to bring you a menu that we can be proud of and are sure you will enjoy,” they said on their Facebook page in June.

Much thought has gone into the six elements they created. These include the bagel and whipped spread, bowl of granola, avocado toast, banana and nutella toast, breakfast burrito, and breakfast brioche sandwich.

On their Facebook page, Meghan Avery calls Avocado Toast a “killer”, and another customer calls it “the best in town.” Maybe it’s just that. A large slice of Simply Pure Sweets sourdough bread is spread with whipped goat cheese and thyme; mashed avocado; powdered red peppers; pickled onions; and Sow and harvest fresh microgreens. The taste of pickled onions is more like sweet pickles, and they play well against crushed red pepper. But the toast is also great without the red pepper flakes.

Their bagel comes with a choice of bagel and spread. They have plain cheese, seed, blueberry or jalapeño bagels; and spreads of plain cream cheese, honey, cinnamon or chives and onions.

Each dish has its own added touch. For example, the Breakfast Burrito is served with homemade salsa and the Brioche Breakfast Sandwich is dressed in lemon and arugula vinaigrette. Crumbled bacon and hot honey can be added to Nutella Toast.

Seating is available inside and out, making Brass Horn Roasters a perfect place to start or end the day when the weather gets colder.

Three importers supply Florida with coffee from five different regions, including Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Papua New Guinea and Nicaragua. Its Nicaraguan coffee source, Gold Mountain, works with small producers. By working with companies that work with small farms, Brass Horn is able to help them create fair market communities while increasing product quality.

Florida’s journey to the coffee industry. started when he was in college and working in a cafe. He liked the people and the atmosphere. He had been roasting coffee at home for six or seven years before going into the full-time business, but when his grandfather’s apartment building became vacant again, it was time to create his dream.

Brass Horn Roasters offers finely crafted teas, seltzer and tonics. They also whip up a number of different mixes of confectionery and mocktails.

Brass horn roasters
410 Lytle Street West
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Close on Sunday


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