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CES 2022 launches new innovative technologies


From TV remotes that charge using Wi-Fi radio waves to a one-armed robot for the coffee shop of the future, CES showcased some of the latest technology for consumers.

MINNEAPOLIS – During KARE 11 Saturday, Steve greenberg, host of “What is this thing?” dived into some of the most unique and innovative technologies that were showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show 2022.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many events and in-person demonstrations at CES have been curtailed. But there were still plenty of cool, new gadgets that debuted at the annual showcase, including an eco-friendly remote from Samsung And one one-armed robot that can serve drinks and snacks.

During CES 2022, Samsung launched a new tv remote control which is made from recycled materials and recharges by converting radio waves from a Wi-Fi router into power to stay charged.

Delicious future is a one-armed robot that’s supposed to be the next generation of coffee shops and supposedly can brew a cup of coffee in 30 seconds, five times faster than a barista. According to Greenberg, the robot will be serving drinks and food at an Illinois cafe in about six weeks.

Greenberg also discussed the Astro Slide 5G, the first 5G smartphone with a full keyboard, the Orbisque, which uses intelligent AI technology to detect food waste and help restaurateurs and chefs know how to reduce it, and Felaqua Connect, which is a smart water bowl that monitors cats’ drinking habits with their microchips.

“What is this thing?” can be found on The Greenberg site Or on Youtube.

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