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Coffee cream, according to our social media producer, gives her soft hair and glowing skin – Shop Now


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To OKAY!Social Media Producer Angela Savoy-Williams, the secret to soft, shiny hair and glowing skin doesn’t come in the form of a shampoo, conditioner, or even a serum, but rather a cream that she adds to her nighttime drink. morning. For about two years now, Angela has sworn to add two scoops of Tone It Up Marine Collagen Cream to her daily cup of tea to keep her hair and skin healthy and hydrated.

“I started noticing how tired I looked in the morning, so I needed to find something that would help me,” she recalls. After finding the cream on Pinterest, Angela came across the product in person while on a trip to Target and decided to take the plunge, experiencing what she described as “instant results”. on her hair and complexion.

“My skin was smoother, brighter and more hydrated!” she shares. But it seems that these effects have extended well beyond the dermatological field. Angela also says she noticed her hair looked and felt thicker and healthier since incorporating the cream into her morning routine.

“I feel like my hair was starting to thin in some places, but now I’ve noticed new hair growth,” Angela explains. The cream has also helped Angela’s locks recover after a serious dye problem.

“I damaged my hair a lot by adding horrible highlights,” she shares. “But over the past few years I’ve noticed my hair has gotten longer and stronger with less breakage.”

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