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coffee specialist in Peoria – The Bradley Scout

Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co. is located at 734 Main Street in downtown Peoria. Photo by Madelyn Norman.

The coffee belt is an area between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south of the equator, where specialty coffee is produced and distributed worldwide.

This region became the naming inspiration for thirty-thirtya local cafe in Peoria dedicated to providing quality beverages as well as experiences.

Thirty-Thirty thrives with a simple menu design that features house beverages as well as treats from local businesses. Fresh pastries are delivered daily by Ardor Breads and Provisions, and the coffee is sourced directly from ethical farms. According to owner Steve Elmore, the store’s top priority is to provide high quality service to everyone who visits.

“We love to recognize those who are doing great things here in central Illinois,” Elmore said. “We love being a hub that shows Peoria has a lot to offer.”

Thirty-Thirty offers a welcoming environment filled with natural light and comfortable seating, for those who choose to study or chat with friends inside. At the counter, baristas are open to questions from curious customers about the process of preparing and making coffee.

“We’ve always based our approach on customer service, interior design, layout and community outreach,” Elmore said. “At the end of the day, we want specialty coffee to be accessible.”

Sophomore Lydia Williamson regularly visits Thirty-Thirty to enjoy both the surroundings and the drinks when she has time between classes.

“I love the atmosphere and the comfort of being there,” said animation specialist Williamson. “The baristas are always so nice and remember me, so I always feel welcome.”

Thirty-Thirty prides itself on a welcoming environment with natural lighting, comfortable seating and friendly workers. Photo by Madelyn Norman.

In addition, the coffee shop develops seasonal coffees, called “signatures”, which play with unique flavor profiles, such as rosemary lavender latte or ginger molasses latte. According to Elmore, customer beverage requests are always appreciated and highly considered.

To make specialty coffee tasting more accessible, the owners have implemented a new ordering system that allows customers to order online and pick up drinks at the counter upon arrival. Customers can select a time slot to pick up their order and pay online.

Open for over a decade, Thirty-Thirty has faced a host of challenges, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the most recent. Like other small businesses, the store had to adapt.

“In some cases, COVID has strained relationships because we’re one of the few companies strictly enforcing mask mandates on this most recent wave,” Elmore said. “In other cases, it strengthened relationships with those who knew their safety was important to us.”

Thirty-Thirty’s wholesale business has grown significantly over the past two years as there has been strong demand for products and services to support growing small stores.

“It gave us the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing people and help them realize their vision when starting a new business,” Elmore said. “We’ve been fortunate to see consistent growth in this area.”

Thirty-Thirty Coffee Co. is located at 734 Main Street and is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.