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Coffee with caps, Friday, December 24


Good Friday morning Caps fans, and a little early Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. The presents are wrapped under the tree, the dishes are cooking, and what better way to start Christmas Eve than this column?

CF Montreal fans had a gift to unwrap earlier, with news yesterday that the club were in the process of making a deal for defenseman Alistair Johnston, who Nashville SC had reportedly been shopping around him.

The move will cost Quebeckers $ 1 million Garber and represents a hell of a lot of good value for a player who has become a leading defender. The 23-year-old made a good impression in the Gold Cup and looks like a good bet for a future move to Europe – if such a move were to materialize, Nashville will retain a selling percentage.

The deal for those of us who (reasonably) thought it would have been an impeccable signing for the Caps, with Johnston perhaps representing the archetype of what Vanni Sartini would like to see in a right center-back.

Why the club favored Tristan Blackmon, we’ll never know. The former LAFC man was costing more than half the cost, which was probably a big factor, and he provides theoretical cover for the right winger (the position Blackmon was drafted to).

Either way, there’s no point in crying over spoiled milk. Maybe the Caps should have pushed harder for Johnston or maybe they are pinching their pennies for a bigger signing (fingers crossed!) Or maybe they didn’t want to pay the salary that Montreal has. do. Maybe Nashville didn’t want to sell in the Western Conference (something I’m going to have to get used to) – a number of things could have happened.

We explained why signing Blackmon is a good thing that makes a lot of sense. If Blackmon was a good pickup last week, he’s a good pickup now and a totally separate transfer doesn’t change that, even though he’s a Canadian international.

Either way, it’s great to see the best young Canadian talent playing for the Canadian MLS teams.

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