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Collaborative Brewery in Downtown Norwich – NBC Connecticut


Cream, a new cafe in downtown Norwich, opened this week and features coffee from a local roaster.

Craftsman Cliff Roasters is a wholesale distributor, also based downtown. Before the pandemic, in addition to roasting, Craftsman Cliff was also a cafe.

“We would have 20 to 25 people here, getting comfortable, socializing,” said Matthew DuTrumble, owner of Craftsman Cliff.

The pandemic forced DuTrumble to pivot. His team stopped their coffee business and decided to focus on wholesale distribution.

“We always wanted to reach out to our guests and our friends, and so what we were able to do was continue to roast and distribute more and more in the area,” said DuTrumble. “We were able to take four grape varieties that we roasted over time and turn them into 14 now. We have also expanded our range of chocolates. “

DuTrumble’s pandemic operating change allowed his team to thrive, but it left Norwich city center coffee-free. Until now.

Sisters-in-law Kari Herndon and Jessica Persad are co-owners of Cream, Franklin St.’s new coffee and tea maker. The two women are nurses and have worked throughout the pandemic.

“Basically you are witnessing such a tragedy. Somehow understood, you have to follow your dreams. You only have one life,” Herndon said. “We kind of put our heads together and found what we love and love about coffee, so we decided to open a cafe.”

Herndon said her husband gave them a helping hand as well. He owns American Stitch Lab, next to Cream.

Ahead of Cream’s opening, Herndon said DuTrumble taught them how to make the perfect cup. They use his coffee in their store.

“We all work together and we all rise together,” DuTrumble said.

“Just to make the community grow!” Herndon added.

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