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Cool off at this cave-like cafe in Dubai



Cool off at this cave-like cafe in Dubai

Orijins is a new Dubai cafe with interiors inspired by the stones of the Red Sea

Orijins is a newly opened cafe that, with its sleek, minimalist interiors, resembles an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Dubai’s bustling international financial hub.

Dubai-based interior company VSHD took inspiration from nature, especially stones collected from the shores of the Red Sea with their different shapes and textures.

This is reflected in the organic shapes of the space itself, with a ceiling and walls that tilt and curl to create a peaceful, cave-like atmosphere, emphasized by the fact that they are painted in sober colors inspired by natural materials such as sand, shells, stone and wood.

Orijins isn’t too sweet, however – it’s coffee after all. The curvilinear shape of the space itself is offset by the large blocks of uneven stone, metal furniture, and a large cafe bar made of blocks of different types of marble. These give Orijins a contemporary feel, enhanced by the addition of textured finishes – including loop pile and heavy weaves – to the furnishings.

“The sparsely decorated space represents the vision of VSHD and a belief in the beauty of imperfection, as well as the humility and integrity that comes from living in harmony with imperfect nature,” say the architects indoor. “Orijins represents the firm’s interpretation of what it means to be calm, to sit still, and to observe the beauty that can be found even in our imperfect everyday reality. ”

Coffee lovers will be happy to know that the roasts are as satisfying as the decor, and the pastries are quite good too, with rich brownies and a coconut cake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A contemporary urban oasis, Orijins is Dubai’s must-see watering hole, with calming interiors and an endless stream of coffee to invigorate you. §



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