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Daily Bullets (July 4): Independence Day edition


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Happy independence day shooting pistols. It’s an important time to appreciate what we have as Americans and to spend with our families. Thank you for including us.

Three thoughts

• I shared my thoughts on the start of the NIL era.

• Marshall Scott has indicated that Cowboys defensemen will be the most difficult to replace for Jim Knowles.

• The Pokes did a good job attracting potential Sooners to Stillwater last week, but failed to secure the deal on Deer Creek tackle Jacob Sexton. Unfortunately, he’s heading to the OU.

Two quotes

• A restaurateur from Tulsa is one of the first public players in the NIL game. He will soon have several Sooners on his payroll, but he expects deals to be made statewide.

“There is a lot of money in Tulsa”, Travis Davidson told the Tulsa World. “We’re two hours from Norman and an hour and a half from Stillwater. Who can say that the best athletes at the University of Tulsa cannot capitalize? You mean to make me believe that Zaven Collins wouldn’t have made a lot of money last year?

“Oklahoma State alumni really support their athletes. There will be a strong market, I believe, for athletes in the state of Oklahoma. “

• Speaking of the new era of the NIL, well-known sports agent Leigh Steinberg compared Thursday’s opening day blitz to the Oklahoma land rush.

“There were cars that had carefully mapped out the terrain they were looking for, that had prospected in advance and figured out how to get the best speed to reach the terrain first. ” Steinberg told the Seattle Times.

A question

• Which OSU athlete (current or former) would demand the highest royalty check if they were active today?

(OSU Bullet Bonus)

• You can vote for Cade Cunningham

Non-OSU chips

• The government report on UFOs has been released. Here is what we learned. [The Economist]
• Scientists have discovered a new way our brain cells communicate. [Science Alert]
• Marv Albert ends after a historic career in broadcasting:


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