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Developer plans to bring a Starbucks back to Broadway in Bangor


A Michigan real estate developer hopes to bring a Starbucks coffee shop to a new development on the corner of Broadway and School Street in Bangor next summer.

Alrig USA developer Gabe Schuchman said Monday the company plans to construct two buildings at 685 and 699 Broadway, one of which will house a Starbucks coffee shop and drive-thru.

The other three commercial spaces in the two buildings – one approximately 4,100 square feet and the other approximately 5,300 square feet – will house three retail or foodservice businesses to be determined. There will be entrances to properties on both School Street and Broadway, according to a proposal mockup.

Schuchman said the company is hoping for a summer 2023 opening for all tenants, provided all permits are approved. The developer is working to attract tenants including a national fitness chain and other national brands, he said.

The properties at 685 and 699 Broadway were once home to Kelley Car & Truck, a car dealership that moved to a new location at 1745 Hammond St. in 2018. The old buildings were demolished shortly after its move, and the land remained empty since . School Street is also an access route to the Broadway shopping center and its busy Hannaford supermarket.

A Starbucks was previously located on Broadway for less than a year between 2007 and 2008, in the same building that now houses the Bangor Savings Bank. It closed when the coffee chain closed a number of locations across the country during the height of the Great Recession. The only other Starbucks locations in the Bangor area are a kiosk inside Target and a standalone store at 38 Bangor Mall Boulevard, a location that regularly sees drive-thru line cars wrapped around the building and in the street.

Tanya Emery, Bangor’s director of economic and community development, said Monday that Alrig has yet to apply to the city for a permit, although she said the city has met with the developers beforehand.

Alrig, however, asks for a Driving license from the Maine Department of Transportation.