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DRiP Espresso: Black-Owned Cafe Opening Soon in Sacramento


“You come here to be seen, to feel safe and to be able to fully express yourself without any inconvenience,” says general manager Keiona Williamson.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Three Sacramento-born and raised sisters are opening their own cafe called DRiP Espresso.

Keiona Williamson, Taylor White and Jasmine Bronson-White were born and raised in Sacramento and were inspired throughout the pandemic to open their own cafe.

According to their website, “DRiP is a black, women and sister owned cafe, where we center espresso, community and culture. We serve as a hub for Sacramento, attracting espresso lovers, foodies and community seekers. It’s where everyone can come to connect, learn and interact while enjoying our delicious drinks, food and pastries. We are proud to source our ingredients locally from BI-POC, women or LGBTQIA+ suppliers.”

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Previously, their parents Jaeda and Lenny Barnes owned the Good Vibes Vegan Cafe. Lenny recently passed away and Jaeda decided to move in a new direction by subletting the space to her daughters.

“My parents had a vision for this place to be a space where people can come in and feel good about themselves and eat good, nutritious food,” Keiona said.

Now these sisters have made it into what they call the DRiP Espresso community and culture, and feel lucky to carry on their father’s legacy and be able to pursue the dream their father had.

“My sisters and I were talking and just, throughout the pandemic, it was a constant thing for us,” Jasmine said. “It was important that we look for a place where we can just converse and do some work, homework, just a place for ourselves and that was really lacking in the Sacramento area. So it’s kind of like god timing. We thought, ‘let’s just create this space we’ve been looking for.’

The sisters launched a fundraiser through iFundWomen four months ago, and they’ve used it as a platform to reach out and connect directly throughout the Sacramento area.

Through their iFundWomen campaign, they raised just over $7,000, which enabled them to purchase new equipment to fully furnish the venue, bringing the opening date ever closer.

Once fully operational, DRiP plans to collaborate with local farmers and bakers. They want to make sure they showcase all the talent Sacramento has to offer.

“We have to be intentional about making sure people also have a place to call home and that when they’re in Midtown, they can participate in Sacramento’s Farm to Fork culture and the craft coffee culture of Sacramento DRiP is a place that has owners who are invested in the well-being of their community,” Keiona said.

As for the menu, DRiP would sell espresso-based drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, macchiatos, as well as sweet and savory dishes including toast, energy bowls and smoothies.

When they say they have something for everyone, they mean it. DRiP Espresso specifically caters to the gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan community.

DRiP Espresso plans to open mid-February 2022. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and check their website for more information.

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