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Fans try to guess why only some Chick-Fil-As sell hot chocolate


The Bragging Mommy gave a rave review for Chick-fil-A’s hot chocolate, but sadly, the drink isn’t on the menu at all of the chain’s 2,600 U.S. locations (via SmartScrapers). Chick-fil-A himself doesn’t seem to have an explanation for this, although many fans using Reddit from Georgia-based channels have a few ideas. “The matrix would open,” one user joked in response to u / caring122’s recent post expressing dismay at Chick-fil-A’s absence of the drink. Redditor u / elsenorjustica had a more logical theory, speculating that whether a place has cold winters could be the “deciding factor”.

The ‘nightmarish’ logistics of making Chick-fil-A hot chocolate was one of the most popular theories in the discussion, with u / hlturner pointing out that the cups are whipped one at a time with hot water and individual sachets of cocoa blend rather than in a large batch. “Yes, our store had it a few years ago and got rid of it. It wasn’t ordered often and it was hard to do when people ordered it,” added a fourth person (via Reddit). Fortunately, all hope is not lost if you also believe that the hot chocolate will pair well with the chain food. According to The Chicken Wire, Chick-fil-A chef Christy Cook has developed a Mexican hot chocolate recipe that requires only seven ingredients and seems like the perfect way to satisfy your craving for the fan favorite drink while munching on sandwiches. Chicken. all winter.