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Farmers Union Iced Coffee launches a lactose-free variety


Farmers Union Iced Coffee (FUIC) has launched its first lactose-free variety exclusively in South Australia.

Lactose intolerant South Australians can now raise a carton of FUIC without fear of the consequences, because South Australia is not. 1 brand of iced coffee1 launches its first lactose-free iced coffee.

Made in South Australia, by South Australians, and now proudly owned by Australians, FUIC has become the number one iced coffee brand in South Australia.1.

Research commissioned by Bega found that 64% of South Australians who limit their dairy intake still consume packaged iced coffee on a regular or occasional basis and are unwilling to give up their favorite iced coffee.2.

This highly anticipated innovation is welcome news for lactose-intolerant FUIC enthusiasts who, until now, have had to either limit their intake or miss out altogether, and as it begins to roll out across the state, fans are already so excited.

According to recent data, 6% of Australians have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance and research shows that 39% of iced coffee drinkers actively limit their iced coffee intake due to lactose-related gut health issues.3.

FUIC Lactose Free is made from fresh Australian milk and real coffee, but lactose free and with 25% less added sugar than the original, making it easier to digest for those with lactose sensitivity.

The flavor has been closely matched to the FUIC original, with experts at FUIC’s Salisbury factory perfecting the recipe to ensure it tastes just like the original SA Icon.

South Australia ranks second in per capita consumption of lactose-free white milk4 and with so many residents unable to drink their state’s unofficial drink, Sharon Winton, marketing director of Bega Dairy & Drinks, said FUIC felt compelled to act.

“Lactose intolerance is the most common self-diagnosed food intolerance in Australia and less than one per cent of milk drinks available to Australians are suitable for lactose-free drinkers,” she said.

“We are thrilled to expand our offering and once again make enjoying a box of the SA icon a reality for fans who missed or limited their consumption of FUIC.”

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