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Five fantastic coffee books that an enthusiast must read


While we all love a refreshing cup of coffee in our daily routine, understanding the world of coffee is a bit difficult. The farming, the roasting, the recipes, the craftsmanship and the love for this product are so simple and yet so complex. Fortunately, there are many books on coffee that can help you master the techniques of brewing the perfect cup.

These books will teach you something new and fun about your favorite drink, whether you are a skilled barista or just a coffee lover. Here are the best coffee books that incorporate knowledge on growing, trading, roasting, and how to make the best cup of coffee.

The craft and science of coffee

Written by Dr Britta Folmer, Head of Coffee Science at Nestlé Nespresso, this book combines research and insights from the scientific community and craft experts. “The Craft and Science of Coffee” takes an in-depth look at the coffee industry that will change your outlook on your favorite drink. It includes perspectives from farmers, consumers, baristas and academics whose lives revolve around coffee, and discusses the production and economic impact of coffee.

The World Coffee Atlas

Celebrating the accolades of each coffee, “The World Coffee Atlas” explores aspects of the culture, roasting and taste merits of the drink around the world. Writer James Hoffman maps the main characteristics and methods of coffee production in Bolivia, Zambia and 33 other countries. This is a brilliant book on the diversity and history of coffee to increase your knowledge about your favorite drink.

God in a cup: the obsessive quest for the perfect coffee

“God in a Cup” is a comprehensive read on the main drivers of the coffee industry, especially people. Written by Michaele Weissman, this book is a journey to understand the complexities of the world where people will pay a high price for a cappuccino. Weissman was guided by the specialty coffee leaders at Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, and Stumptown to explore the topic of this book.

Artisanal coffee: a manual

This exclusive coffee guide is coffee lovers’ best friend for creating the awesome mug at home. It’s for non-professionals who enjoy the simplistic yet satisfying act of making coffee. The book focuses entirely on coffee, espresso not included, and covers a range of cold brew, immersion, and pouring techniques on different devices to help you grow taller.

The craft of the blue bottle of coffee

This book is created by Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters and is a practical guide for beginning coffee drinkers who want to improve their barista knowledge and skills. “The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee” is complete with story, recipes and tutorials for coffee fans to help them brew a refreshing cup of coffee. Writer James Freeman talks passionately about the steps involved in making vers-overs, French press, Turkish coffee and espresso.


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