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happy employees and a positive company culture


Hundreds of millions of cups of coffee are consumed every day. How many of these coffees are drunk during a coffee break at work or even while sitting at a desk? (I hope away from electronics).

A coffee machine in the office. Photo: pexels.com

A coffee machine in the office can make a big difference in corporate culture and how your employees spend their time while they’re there. Contrary to what some people might think, a coffee machine doesn’t just have to be another drain on resources. Used correctly, it can be a wise investment.

In this guide, we look at many of the benefits of having a coffee machine in the office and can it really make a difference?

A reward for hard work

Are you going to buy a coffee machine for your break room or elsewhere in the workplace? If you are hesitant to do this, consider it as a reward for your employees. Okay, so that doesn’t equate to a raise, but anything that can improve the workplace is likely to be appreciated.

Adding exciting new things to the office, as well as shared and community spaces, on a regular basis can help make your workplace a positive place to live. A coffee machine might not seem like a lot, but it could turn out to be a huge improvement over the current instant coffee regime.

Save your employees money

A daily cup of coffee in a coffee shop can quickly become an expensive expense. If your employees have the opportunity to get delicious coffee on site, they are less likely to leave the workplace.

This has a few advantages. First, people will normally be glad they saved money and have no real restrictions on how many cups of coffee they have each day before they have to start thinking about the cost.

Second, it can reduce the number of “coffee runs” when people walk to a local coffee shop to find their latte or another delicious beverage. Instead, they’re more likely to stay put, chat with each other, and generally create a more thriving and positive environment.

A boost of energy

There’s a reason many of us need coffee first thing in the morning to function. The caffeine boost!

Although there’s a limit to how much caffeine people should really have, there’s normally nothing wrong with having a few cups of coffee while you’re working, or before, or at lunchtime. !

Giving people the opportunity to take a short break, have a cup of coffee and even get some fresh air while they drink it can allow them to come back to work refreshed and ready to chat with their colleagues or to return to work. task.

Drinking coffee.  Photo: pexels.com
Drinking coffee. Photo: pexels.com

Encourage regular coffee breaks

You don’t have to encourage people to take caffeine breaks, of course. It is important to drink caffeine responsibly. However, you need to make sure that everyone in your workplace spends time taking a coffee break.

Coffee breaks have several purposes. They can allow people to recharge their batteries and disconnect from work, but also encourage that happy and productive culture that we aim for.

For example, coffee breaks can give people the opportunity to chat in a break room, chat with each other, and some people can even arrange to take breaks at the same time.

Any business or boss who hasn’t fully understood the benefits of taking breaks should seriously rethink their strategy. It’s not about working your team as hard as you can for as long as you can, it’s about making sure they’re supported and know they can take breaks.

Rested employees tend to be more productive. Who cares if your staff takes lots of breaks if they excel at their jobs?

Coffee can make people happy

Looks like we’re overselling it? It is not the case at all. Coffee can make people happy. Studies have shown that those who drink coffee regularly are 20% less likely to be depressed, and there are real scientific reasons for that.

Coffee can help your brain produce dopamine, which is known to be the brain’s “happy drug,” which helps improve mood. It is the substance released when we are satisfied or even when we eat a delicious meal.


A coffee machine doesn’t have to be a massive investment, and having the ability for people to make their own delicious drinks in the workplace has many benefits that you might not have thought of.

It is worth considering installing a coffee machine and reaping the benefits. You might even end up with happier employees and a great workplace culture.