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Havana House comments on coffee shortage


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The global supply of coffee beans is the lowest in decades.

Garrett Czarnecki manages both the Havana House and the Youngstown Coffee Company and has noticed an increase in prices.

“When we started this around 2017, coffee futures prices were probably around 99 cents to maybe $1.10. Today was actually one of the highest,” he said.

Since it is a traded commodity, a futures contract is what it actually trades for during the day. When Czarnecki checked on Thursday, coffee futures were at $2.45.

“As far as everything goes, it’s been pretty awful for cafes in general,” Czarnecki said.

Czarnecki thinks many factors are contributing to the crisis.

“Labour, crops failing due to dry weather or flooding, tsunamis, everything that goes with it, and just general logistics. Lots of coffee just sitting on boats right now,” he said.

With higher bean prices, Czarnecki said places like Havana House are facing a tough spot.

“We still have to make money, so we’re trying to find a balance. It was just a bit difficult,” he said.

The coffee bean crisis doesn’t seem to be stopping customers like Thomas MacGillivray Jahrig from having a drink at Havana House.

“Quality has a price,” he says.

Jahrig has been a Havana House customer for some time. being in the army, he drank many cups of coffee from all over the world. He said he really appreciates the product that Havana House offers.

“There are certain things that I like and I will pay for them. There’s definitely a maximum value I’m willing to pay for something that hasn’t been reached yet,” he said.

The Havana House said if they raise prices, it’s usually 25 cents.