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Here are the 5 best cafes in Greenwich Village: report


GREENWICH VILLAGE, NY – The Greenwich Village neighborhood is no stranger to coffee shops. You can find a place to have a morning beer in every corner of the Lower Manhattan community.

The question remains: which cafes in Greenwich Village are the best?

Untapped New York, a website that highlights the city’s lesser-known places, recently released a list of the “5 Best Coffee Shops in Greenwich Village”.

The ranking coincides with a Greenwich Village Coffee Tour on Thursday hosted by Untapped New York. You can find out more and register here.

Gillies Coffee Company, the country’s oldest coffee merchant, debuted in 1840 on Washington Street in lower Manhattan, and America’s first espresso machine, built in 1902, can be found in one of the best Greenwich village cafes, Caffè Reggio, ”wrote Irene Madigral, author of the Greenwich Village Coffee Ranking, in the article.

Without further ado, here are the five best cafes in Greenwich Village, according to Untapped New York.

1. McNulty’s Co.: 109 rue Christophe

“Since 1895, McNulty’s Co. served members of the Greenwich Village neighborhood. With dark hardwood floors and burlap bags strewn everywhere, McNulty’s looks more like an old supplies store than a cafe, ”wrote Untapped New York. “Anyway, the store is selection exotic coffees and teas transport customers to faraway lands across the world. “

2. Puerto Rico Import Company: 201 Bleecker Street

“Puerto Rico offers 130 varieties of coffee from countries like Burundi, Indonesia and Guatemala. Its teas selection is equally wide, with options including their Tanzanian blends Usambara and Assam Koilmari,” wrote Untapped New York. “The company is best known for contributing to the development of flavored coffee, which started as a trend in the 1980s.”

3. Café Reggio: 119 MacDougal Street

“Considered the grande dame of Greenwich Village cafes, Cafe Reggio was opened in 1927 by Domenico Parisi, an Italian immigrant, ”wrote Untapped New York. “Located at 119 Macdougal Street, it became the first American cafe to serve cappuccino. With its tin ceilings and Italian furnishings, the Caffe Reggio has retained much of its original interior design from the days when it was frequented by writers of the Rhythm generation like Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. “

4. Rosecrans & Ad Hoc collective: 7 Greenwich Avenue

“Full of plants of all kinds and a rustic and rustic decor, Rosecrans is both a cafe and a wine bar and a flower shop, ”wrote Untapped New York. “Located at 7 Greenwich Avenue, the quaint and warm atmosphere of Rosecrans welcomes guests inside. Opened in 2019, Rosecrans offers a refreshing change of scenery from the more traditional cafes in the neighborhood. “

5. Joe’s Original Coffee on Waverly: 141 Waverly Place

“Although Joe’s Coffee may currently be a city-wide chain, its original location opened right in the heart of Greenwich Village in 141 Waverly Place“Untapped New York wrote.” The company was founded in 2003 by Jonathan Rubenstein as a singular specialty cafe that sought to provide unique, high-quality coffees and a heartwarming space for the community to come together. “

“To guarantee the best quality, strict standards are used when selecting coffee beans, which requires hundreds of coffee samples tested each year, ”added Untapped New York.

You can read the full article about Untapped New York’s Greenwich Village cafe on his website.

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