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Inflation could make access to groceries difficult for some families, volunteers step in to meet needs


ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) – We’re at Refuge Coffee Company Truck in Clarkston, GA.

“Clarkston is considered the most diverse square mile in America,” said Stephanie Solvig of Refuge Coffee.

It’s like a heartbeat of this community.

“Through the people who come to our cafes, they help provide jobs for refugees and immigrants around the world,” Solvig said.

In the hour and a half we were here, we must have seen two dozen people queuing for coffee or tea, or to stop at the Free99Fridge on the side of the building.

“At this place, because there is such a large refugee population and a lot of families who have a lot of experience in the kitchen, they prefer the ingredients and the products, but in other refrigerators which cater more to the homeless population, they prefer take-out meals,” said Free 99 Fridge volunteer Jessica Hudes.

Free99Fridge is a local effort to bring free food to communities.

“It’s so simple, it costs nothing. You don’t have to bring food…a lot of times I just come in to clean up,” Hudes said.

Volunteers, keep these refrigerators clean, stocked and in good working order.

“We bring donations to each of the refrigerators. And then Hodgepodge and North Decatur Church will also get about $400 worth of groceries today,” said Char-Broil Grill Company employee Hannah Baumgarten.

Fridges sometimes run empty for a variety of reasons. Volunteers tell us that inflation and this heat could lead to increased demand for free groceries.

“We have feminine products, baby food, pet food. It’s really nice to have, especially with supply chain shortages as they are right now, it’s really hard to come by for a lot of families,” Baumgarten said.

Our CBS46 crew saw the fridge in Clarksville being emptied and then refilled by volunteers several times during the two or three hours we were there.

Watching the number of people at these refrigerators for the day is truly an opportunity to see the community in motion.