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Jason Liberty: Q2 online; Royal Caribbean will not compromise customer experience – Cruise Industry News


Jason Liberty, the new President and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, said that while the first quarter cruise cancellations have had an impact, the second quarter is in line with company expectations and there is tremendous momentum. .

“There is a great demand for cruising and people are really looking for consistency,” he said.

Liberty said the company is investing in marketing and investing, and getting the flywheel spinning is essential.

“Returning to service is a top priority for us,” he said. “We have about 80% of our fleet operational and making sure we run it is a priority. “

“We have not and will not compromise the customer experience,” he said, speaking on Coffee Talk with Vicki Freed, senior vice president of sales and support and sales. Coffee Talk is a weekly webinar series for travel partners.

“We have a strong, long-term business. It’s an exceptional company that is doing very well financially, ”said Liberty.

“It was a meteor that hit our industry and we survived it.”

Additionally, Liberty said he values ​​the company’s travel partners, who help customers create personalized vacations.

Freed noted that Liberty was instrumental in the company’s program to provide loans to travel partners and issue advance commissions on cruise bookings during the pandemic.

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