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Launch of the Hege – Post Courier cooperative




The Nagamito community of Hege region, in district four of Lower Bena LLG, in Unggai-Benadi district, in the province of the East Highlands, launched their cooperative society last Thursday.

Hege Community Development Co-operative Society, the commercial arm of the Zugu Hege association formed by approximately 400 community members, was honored by the presence of their local MP Benny Allan, COO of the Coffee Industry Corporation Steven Tumae , Eastern Highlands Provincial Community Development. advising Siviri Lalave and representatives of the Foundation for Research and Conservation, Care International, local figures and others at the launch.

The personal contribution of the guests to the seed capital of the company amounted to over 2,000K with a commitment of 20,000K from the Unggai-Bena District Development Authority.

The DDA gave another K20,000 previously with 200 sheets of roofing iron to the company who used them to build their resource development training center.

Mr Tumae said the CIC has lost confidence in working with individual coffee farmers and praised the community that the groups they have formed are the way forward for the CIC to come and provide cultivation skills of coffee to the community.

Ms. Lalave congratulated the president of the company Saffty Auso and his second Laiti Neka for their commitment to the well-being of their community.

The opening of the center coincided with the launch of the company.

The cooperative society will focus on agricultural activities, mainly coffee, in order to raise funds for the association to further the well-being of the community.

Mr Auso said the center will be used as a training center to improve skills in agriculture and financial management, as well as to provide first aid medical care to patients and pregnant women during childbirth and nursing. care for disadvantaged people such as people with special needs, widows and widowers, orphans and the elderly.

The management committee was urged to maintain the trust of the community while the community members were urged to respect their local leaders, their educated elites, and to work with the committee for the common good.