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Lekko Coffee Brings Third Wave Coffee Drinks to Former Ohio City Home Space


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  • Lindsey Poyar
  • Lekko Coffee will take over the former Foyer space in Ohio City.

Last year, the Beauty Shoppe coworking space and its Foyer café, both located in the Seymour Building in Ohio City, closed. And while the coworking side of the space won’t return, the cafe has a new operator. Matt and Laura Ashton plan to open Lekko Coffee (2529 Detroit Ave., 216-554-4875) next Thursday.

“I’ve been knocking on the door since last November and been in space since March,” Matt says.

He and his wife were drawn to this bright, contemporary space primarily because of its location, which is surrounded by many new residential developments, more and more online every day.

“All of these people are part of the demographic of people going out for a third wave specialty coffee,” he explains.

In terms of experience, Matt “did it all” working at places like Solstice Coffee Roasters, Rising Star Coffee Roasters and Passenger’s Café. These jobs helped support his true vocation as a classical musician.

“The cafe was day shift to night shift playing the French horn,” he says.

He eventually expanded into home roasting by taking classes, reading books, and getting into his own equipment. These beans will be made into standard coffee drinks like drip and pour coffee, espresso, cortado, latte, cappuccino, cold brew coffee, and iced coffee. These will be joined by seasonal specialty drinks like spiced pumpkin coffee flavored with homemade syrups.

Food partners will provide the store with quick breakfast items, protein muffins and pastries. The owners hope to add lunch items on the road.

Beer drinkers will also begin to see the Lekko name at area breweries like Forest City Brewery, Bottlehouse Brewery, and Noble Beast, which will soon be launching products like Lekko Coffee Stout, Lekko-based cocktails, and Coffee Milk Stout, respectively. .

Ashton adds that his company is doing everything possible to source grains responsibly and fairly.

“One of the first things we did was create the name, a mission statement and core values,” he says. “Our first fundamental value is to demonstrate that treating people well is the best practice. We believe in ensuring that everyone is supported throughout the supply chain, ”from farmers to employees.

Ashton, like many of his Third Wave coffee brethren, hopes to raise the credit of Cleveland coffee, which is still far below that of other neighboring towns.

“I don’t think we were meant for that,” Matt reports. “I think that while we have great coffee here, we don’t necessarily project it to the rest of the country. Our restaurant scene is really exploding and showing off to the rest of the country recently, but we’re not having coffee yet. We would like it to be that way.

For those unfamiliar with the area, there is free parking in the lots behind and across the street as well as free street parking.


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