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Lincoln coffee feels affected by rising prices


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The price of coffee beans has hit a new high, reaching levels we haven’t seen since 2011, according to the international coffee organization.

The Coffee House, near 13th and P streets, says it is feeling the heat from soaring prices and thinks it will only get worse.

“We have seen a slow and steady increase in coffee prices over the last year, everything has gone up for us, in terms of food, paper and coffee. But in February our coffee prices will go up a bit more” , said Mark Shriner, the owner of the Coffee House.

They are currently seeing an increase of around 15% in coffee prices, but this will likely increase in the coming weeks. The increase is believed to come from general inflation, but weather conditions in Brazil also had a negative impact on supply.

“Right now supply and demand follow each other so to speak, so prices are going up. There are fewer people to do the job, labor costs are going up,” Shriner said.

The surge is starting to affect the Coffee House from top to bottom, they are even seeing a shortage in the cups your coffee comes in.

“This week we couldn’t get 20-ounce paper cups, because who knows, there might be a ship on the California coast that’s full of them, that can’t unload,” Shriner said. .

The price of paper products has almost doubled compared to previous years.

“We have one product, one box, that we use, it was like $49 a case and now it’s $143,” Shriner said.

Whichever way you take your cup of coffee, you’re unlikely to pay more at this time, but in the future they say prices will go up.

“We’re really lucky we have great customers, the last thing I want to do is chase them away with extraordinarily high prices during a pandemic,” Shriner said.