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Literal “Karen Group” Ironically Boycots Cafe Over Anti-Karen Sign



A woman named Karen got angry at a cafe’s anti-Karen slogan and joined a literal “Karen group” in a tongue-in-cheek boycott.

User @therealkarenshub’s 28-second video on the topic has racked up 696,800 views and 63,600 likes since it was posted on Wednesday.

The video begins at a cafe, apparently the Coffee Dose in California, and takes us through the story via various text and photo overlays.

“Last week we had a (literally) very unhappy Karen after seeing our sign in front,” the video begins.

“She went to a real Facebook group of women named Karen… and asked them to boycott our store because she was offended (that’s supposed to be a joke, unless the shoe fits her),” continues- it, referring to the “Anti Karen Serum” from the coffeeshop. “slogan.” And then the most ironic thing that could have happened … happened. “

A series of comments and emails parade on TikTok from a group of women named Karen. This literal group of Karens claims the cafe is derogatory by making fun of cultural reference and bombarded her with a barrage of emails, criticism and angry comments.

One of the Karens (Karen L.) compares making fun of “Karen” to “using the N word”.

“Do you think using the ‘Karen meme’ isn’t personal?” There was a time when the use of the word n ​​was so popular. Has it ever gone well? The Karen said in a lengthy Facebook post. “Do you realize that women of this age who bear this name have good purchasing power?” And the power to launch boycotts. We have and we will. We have a huge Facebook group with a large audience.

Many of the 1,933 reviewers express their amusement at the irony of the situation and point out how this is a great marketing opportunity.

“Print their texts and use them as pretty paper wrappers for the store,” suggests @ gods.mistake0.

“Being named Karen doesn’t automatically make you a Karen, but damn it these messages prove me wrong,” @ manniefreshdestin60 says.

The Daily Dot reached out to @thekarenhub and the Coffee Dose.

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* First published: October 21, 2021, 1:53 p.m. CDT

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