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Local Groundz hits the ground running at LaGrange


LaGRANGE, Georgia (WRBL) – A new company inspired by the Atlanta Beltine has joined LaGrange’s list of local businesses. Local Groundz, a family-run cafe, can be found on The Thread, the multi-use trail that connects the whole city and promotes health and wellness.

Philip Abbott, co-owner of Local Groundz, said he and his family wanted to create a mixed-use development that also provided visitors with a welcoming common space.

“We’re really looking for this place to be a landmark not only in the LaGrange community, but to be so good that even people outside of LaGrange have heard of it, that’s really my goal for this place.” Abbott said.

The cafe is located in a house built in the early 1900s. Abbott said his idea in the design was to retain the essence of the original house while still fitting into the modern aesthetic. The local company also offers seating opposite The Thread and office space available for rent on the top floor.

Abbott also said he wanted a bright space that encourages high energy levels and allows people to move both indoors and outdoors with the sliding glass doors. He partnered with local vendors for many of the items displayed in the cafe that he said were important to him in order to support local businesses.

“It gives a greater investment in the community, everyone has put their part into this setup and one of the things we have seen, the people who have come to the cafe so far have been of all ages and groups. It was just a big melting pot for the community to really come and enjoy the space, ”Abbott said.

Abbott wants Local Groundz to be a key destination on The Thread. He said he would like people to be eager to walk their dogs or exercise knowing that there is now a place they can visit. The dishes on the menu are all sourced from local vendors and all the coffee is homemade.

Carla Martinez, also co-owner of Local Groundz, said the site is delighted to offer organic and fair-trade coffee to LaGrange. She said she enjoys hearing feedback from the community on how to improve the experience.

“We just want to be this place and it’s really my goal is to see the people here smiling and happy and really enjoying the coffee,” Martinez said.

Martinez said the cafe intends to bring unique new items that visitors look forward to. She said her favorite part of being a co-owner was connecting with visitors and watching them enjoy the food and drink.


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