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Mass. ranked 10th “most awake” state based on number of cafes. Do you agree?



And yes, they took Dunkin ‘into account.

Massachusetts ranked 10th in a caffeine study based on per capita coffees in each state. Tim boyle

Massachusetts was ranked 10th among the “most awake” states based on the total number of cafes per person, according to a recent study by a mattress company.

The ZOMA Company created the “Most Awake” report by ranking states according to the ratio of their coffee to the total population. The report also ranked cities in the United States, but Boston did not appear in the top 15 anywhere.

“Americans drink billions of gallons of coffee each year, and visiting a café is an essential daily ritual for millions of people. Without the cafes providing this burst of energy and alertness in a cup, America would be a much more sleepy place, ”ZOMA wrote on its website. “So we scanned every state in the United States to find out – where is America’s most awake city? “

Massachusetts averaged 3,891 people per cafe.

ZOMA said it collected data in more than 10,000 cities and towns across the United States and then compared it to the latest population figures.

“Comparing the number of people living in each location with the number of coffee shops would reveal where in America has the highest ratio of coffee shops per capita, making it” the most awake city in the United States, “” wrote ZOMA in the report.

Almost all of New England – all states except Connecticut – was in the top ten: New Hampshire ranked 5th, Vermont ranked 6th, Maine ranked 7th and Rhode Island placed 8th.

The report found Hawaii to be the “most awake” state, followed by Alaska and Oregon. Hawaii had 555 reported cafes for the state’s 1,420,491 residents.

San Francisco, Portland and Honolulu rank in the top three cities.

The report found that the least awake state was Mississippi – with just 318 cafes across the state for 2,963,914 people.

In the study, ZOMA also acknowledged that many cities known for their coffee shops – like Seattle and Los Angeles – would have ranked higher but would have much larger populations.

“Los Angeles has the most coffee shops in the study, with 727 in total, but its population of 3,970,219 means it ranks lower on the list, at 37th place, with 5,461 people per. coffee, ”ZOMA explained.

While the classification of “cafes” may seem broad, ZOMA has answered the question that worries most New Englanders: Does the data include Dunkin ‘?

“I can confirm that dunkin ‘ [was] classified as a cafe, so they were included in the study, ”ZOMA spokesperson Andrew Mitchell told Boston.com.

According to a report from Scrapehero, there were 1,107 Dunkin locations in Massachusetts as of August 2021. There would be 9,320 locations nationwide.


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