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Michigan’s best local food: The Beatles and Beans serve coffee with a touch of 1960s nostalgia



BAY CITY, MI – Patrons of Espresso Express Presents Beatles and Beans Coffee Emporium enjoy their coffee with a touch of 1960s nostalgia.

The downtown Bay City cafe, located at 916 N. Water St. and owned by Brad and Peggy Wilderman, also serves as the Beatles’ sanctuary.

“(The menu) is constantly changing. This place is on the move, ”said Brad Wilderman. “We just follow the seasons. “

During the summer months, iced and frozen coffee drinks are always popular, said Brad Wilderman. But with the cooler weather approaching, he’s gearing up to serve up some fall favorites.

“We’re going to move on to the spicy pumpkin chai and vanilla and maple nut lattes, cinnamon and cardamom drinks,” he said. “The pumpkin is very popular. People love these pumpkin lattes, they love these pumpkin iced coffees.

Beatles and Beans offers a varied and ever-changing menu, as well as daily specials. When customers can’t decide what to order, Brad Wilderman recommends a “Let It Bean Latte,” consisting of three shots of espresso and whatever flavor profile he imagines at the time.

“(We) are creating something amazing for them,” he said. “I have so many recipes in my head that I throw them around all day long, stuff that isn’t even on the board.”

It can also create sugar-free or keto-friendly drinks upon customer request. In addition to coffee, tea and espresso drinks, Beatles and Beans offers bagels and cream cheese, pastries, cookies, specialty chocolates and biscotti “that are just out of this world.”

Beatles and Beans is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and closed Sunday and Monday.

Stop by the ATM first, as this cafe has only accepted cash since it opened in 1993.

“It’s just the way we ride here,” said Brad Wilderman.

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