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MILKLAB Launches Oat Milk in Malaysia to Offer Coffee Lovers a Delicious and Healthy Milk Option


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – australia The most popular barista milk for coffee has added oat milk to its offering. MILKLAB oat milk is now available in Malaysia in some participating cafes and restaurants.

MILKLAB oat milk is versatile for use in hot and cold drinks. .

Rich in a natural and subtle sweetness that complements the flavor of espresso coffee, oats Milk is the fastest growing plant-based drink, growing over 400% since 2017, according to the Coffee 2025 report.

The MILKLAB team had spent two years working with some of the best coffee professionals in the world to develop oat milk to blend perfectly with espresso coffee.

“The MILKLAB brand stands for a line of milk solutions that would not only suit a variety of tastes and dietary needs, but also the growing number of consumers around the world looking to switch from regular milk to milk to milk. herbal, ”said Pierre Brun, Regional director, China, South East Asia and Middle East, Freedom Foods Group, the owner of the MILKLAB brand. “We are very happy to add today our new oat milk offering to our collection that we have been developing over two years, and we are proud to launch a remarkable product that has been developed in collaboration with the industry, for industry. “

“I am convinced that baristas, dealers and distributors, coffee business owners and connoisseurs, as well as ‘curious’ coffee enthusiasts who currently drink dairy products and other plant-based milks with their coffee will be delighted to indulge in MILKLAB oat milk for its exquisite taste while reaping its health benefits, ”added Brown.

According to an independent research panel, MILKLAB oat milk surpasses the current market leader in terms of taste and overall appreciation.

Introducing the MILKLAB Life & Coffee Consumer Incentive Program

Special moments in life often occur with friends and loved ones, usually over a cup of favorite latte coffee. Girlfriends meet at their favorite café, two love birds having their first date over coffee or a bookworm enjoying his new romance with a cup of mocha.

A good cup of coffee is an integral part of our life today. Since coffee lovers have a more demanding palate, it is important to have good quality milk to complement the coffee and enhance the flavor. Coffee lovers concerned about their health and who value a healthy diet will appreciate the delicious MILKLAB plant-based oat milk with their coffee, now available everywhere Malaysia.

MILKLAB Life & Coffee incorporates life’s special moments and love of coffee with the launch of MILKLAB Oat in Malaysia. Runners, cyclists, people exercising or walking can follow the instructions at https://milklabco.com/life-and-coffee/campaign-info/ to redeem their FREE MILKLAB Life & Coffee upgrade which may be from the nearest participating cafe. Search the Café Hopping Trail on Google Maps for the location of the nearest participating cafes from https://milklabco.com/life-and-coffee/cafe-hopping-trails/.

Malaysian Specialty Coffee Association – Throwdown Digital Latte Art 2021

Digital Latte Art Throwdown is designed to create a fun and entertaining platform for baristas to showcase their latte art skills, drawing patterns with milk froth on the surface of a coffee. Entrants are assessed on their creativity, technique, visual attributes, contrast in patterns and overall performance by professional judges as well as members of the public who will be invited to be guest judges. From the semi-finals to the final: only the best will be champions!

MILKLAB is proud to be a major sponsor of the Digital Latte Art Throwdown 2021. Competitors will only use the MILKLAB Oat to compete, showcasing the high performance of MILKLAB Oat in latte art design as it works exactly like milk creating a strong contrast, fine microbubbles and robust stability.


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