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Natural Products Expo West 2022 Report


IFF Health (New York) put all of its delivery system and ingredient capabilities into play with new product concepts showcased at March’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. “What we’re trying to accomplish here is really show our different products in combination,” said Natalia Melo, North America Trade Marketing Manager, IFF Health, at the show. Three of the most important areas where the company is seeing growth are immunity, digestive health and brain health, she added.

First, the company introduced packs of Mango Peach Sticks for Immune Health featuring the IFF Brand Howaru BI-04 Bifidobacterium lactis probiotic strain, along with its PowderPure PureSource Vitamin Blend, PowderPure Acerola Cherry Juice Powder, and Tastepoint Peach Mango Flavor. The product is described as “easy-to-mix drink packs loaded with flavor and vitamins to boost your immunity.”

Melo noted that IFF sees online sales of products combining botanicals and other natural ingredients with probiotics growing faster than sales of probiotic ingredients alone. “We find that when the products are combined with probiotics, they grow at a faster rate,” she said.

The next prototype the company showed was a brain-healthy Caramel Cold-Brew coffee bar, described as “delicious, chewy protein bars packed with supplements to jump-start your brain.” The product includes IFF’s Neuravena Wild Oat Extract. “We have six studies, and these studies show that [the ingredient] works in less than an hour, so it works very quickly to stimulate the brain,” noted Melo. “It’s good for players, for students before they take a test or before they give a presentation. There’s no caffeine, and it’s a natural way to get that boost that caffeine gives you. The bar shape also allows users to eat on the go. The prototype also included IFF’s Sharp PS phosphatidylserine (“to provide a long-term cognitive boost,” she said), PowderPure Cold-Brew Coffee Powder, TruPro Pea Protein Powder, and pea protein nuggets, Taura apple paste and Tastepoint flavors for coffee, mocha and salted caramel.

Finally, the company introduced chai-flavored dark chocolate bites for digestive health featuring ingredients like IFF’s Howaru. Bifidobacterium lactis Probiotic Strain HN019, Chamomile Extract, PowderPure Ginger Powder and Tastepoint Chai Flavor.

These three samples “really show our abilities to put it all together,” Melo said.