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New bakery and café moving into UES storefronts next door


UPPER EAST SIDE, NY – A Yorkville block will be home to not one, but two new businesses in the coming weeks, as a Brooklyn-based European bakery and cafe prepare to open in the same building.

Green Lane Caf̩, Who open its first location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn last fall, plans to open a second cafe in February at 1582 First Ave. Рnear the northeast corner of East 82nd Street, according to recent signage in the small storefront window.

Meanwhile, a door downstairs, Marie’s cakes will open a small bakery as the very first brick and mortar location. (The European Bakery is currently based in a commercial kitchen on First Avenue near East 50th Street.)

Owner Marie Simic told Patch her baked goods will transcend national borders. Hailing from Serbia, her desserts are also influenced by French, Italian and Hungarian cuisines, she said.

Vegan and gluten-free items will also be on the menu, said Simic, who co-owns the business with her husband. Simic said his products appeal to even those who typically avoid baked goods, as his are lighter than the buttercream cakes often served in the United States.

“People who don’t like to eat sweets, when they try them they are so surprised,” she said. “I cook things with less sugar, healthier things – with fruit, with dark chocolate.”

It will open towards the end of this year or early 2022, pending electrical work from its owner, she said.