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New drink offerings bring fresh summer vibes to PJ Cafe


A cafe born in New Orleans will feature refreshing, limited-time versions of tea and coconut milk starting June 10

New drink offerings bring fresh summer vibes to PJ CafeNew Orleans, LA (RestaurantNews.com) PJ’s Cafe knows a thing or two about keeping guests warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside. But it’s very hot in the Big Easy, so the New Orleans-born cafe can certainly cool people down with its drinks too!

To celebrate the start of summer, PJ’s Coffee invites its guests to come enjoy a fresh and refreshing taste of N’awlins with its delicious cloud drinks and uniquely flavored iced teas. These refreshing versions of Southern favorites will only be available from June 10 – National Iced Tea Day – until the end of August, but are sure to revitalize any guest looking to beat the heat.

“We are thrilled to offer these distinctive flavors for a limited time to our guests across the country,” said Reid Nolte, vice president of brand strategy. “Being from New Orleans, PJ’s Coffee knows all about hot and humid summers, so we invite everyone to cool down with a Cloud, Mandarin Palmer or Southern Honey iced tea. And we encourage everyone to download our app before entering because they will receive a buy, get a free offer on National Iced Tea Day!

For a limited time, guests can enjoy a Mandarin Palmer or Southern Honey iced tea starting at $2.95. Mandarin Palmer Iced Tea combines PJ’s smooth black iced tea with sweet lemonade and tangerine flavors for a refreshing citrus drink. Honey Sweet Iced Tea blends honey with floral notes of jasmine and PJ’s sweet black iced tea for a distinct taste on classic Southern sweet tea.

PJ’s Coffee’s unique cloud drinks ($3.95) combine chilled coconut milk with flavors like candied orange or tart cherry, shaken and served over ice for a frothy, refreshing New Orleans favorite in summer.

To learn more about these limited-time summer specials, visit pjscoffee.com/summer. Share how delicious and refreshing these drinks are with PJ’s Coffee and other guests on Facebook, instagram Where Twitter using the hashtag #summervibes.

New drink offerings bring fresh summer vibes to PJ Cafe

About PJ’s Coffee

Coffee industry pioneer Phyllis Jordan founded PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans in 1978 and demonstrated that better beans, superior roasting techniques and a pure passion for the art of coffee making matter. In 2008, the company was purchased by New Orleans natives and brothers, Paul, Steven and Scott Ballard. PJ’s Coffee serves a wide variety of hot, iced and frozen beverages made with the finest quality Arabica coffee, as well as organic tea and fresh pastries for breakfast. PJ’s Original Cold Brew™ Iced Coffee is brewed daily using a special cold drip process that protects the flavor and strength of the beans, while producing a coffee two-thirds less acidic – a process and a technique developed by its founder and used for more than 40 years in all PJ sites. Bags of whole bean coffee and individual cups of PJ’s Coffee are available for purchase in-store and online. With over 145 stores in operation, including four international locations, PJ’s Coffee continues to grow in the United States and internationally. For more information, visit pjscoffee.com or follow PJ’s Coffee on Facebook, instagram Where Twitter.

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