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New Gorleston Main Street Cafe and Cocktail Bar opens



A new cafe and cocktail bar is slated to open as part of “The Fabric” of Gorleston High Street.

Mixsmiths Artisan Coffees and Cocktails, owned by Gail Smith, aims to create a more relaxed atmosphere for people who do not wish to be in a “rowdy” pub atmosphere.

“We want to deliver something that is not just an ad environment,” said Ms. Smith, 41.

“It will be a space where people can have a quiet evening coffee or a cocktail if they wish.”

The place will specialize in “tailor-made” cocktails and artisanal coffees.

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“We all do weird and wonderful things,” Ms. Smith added.

Ms Smith wants to focus on locally roasted coffee beans and strives to use independent products.

“I want to offer different coffees that no one else in Norfolk does.”

Ms. Smith employed a “coffee connoisseur” with many years of experience in the industry.

Mixsmiths aims to provide a “safe space” for people looking for a quieter but social evening.

“There won’t be any loud music or DJs, just soft jazz playing in the background while people are having drinks and chatting with their friends.

“After the events of last year, some people still feel quite isolated and may not want to return to the pub scene.

“This place is for these people,” Ms. Smith said.

The site will also offer light snacks and snacks in a food truck at the back of the site.

Ms Smith, who is the current owner of Peggotty’s on King Street, has played a variety of roles in the hotel scene around Great Yarmouth.

“I started collecting glass at 1-5-1 when I was 16,” Ms. Smith said.

“I now run a very successful place in Great Yarmouth, but it’s more of a late night drinking spot. “

Mrs. Smith wants to give Gorleston something unique.

“With the vision I have, I thought this was the perfect place for something tailor-made, a little different and totally independent.

“What we would like to do is become part of the fabric of the neighborhood and work with all the local businesses, like a collective main street.”

Mixsmiths Artisan Coffees and Cocktails on Gorleston High Street is expected to open soon.



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