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Overseas Supply Shortages Raise Coffee Prices in U.S. Stores


GRAND JUCNTION, Colo. (KREX) – From a freeze alert in Brazil to supply chain disruptions, the problem of rising coffee prices in the United States stems from a lack of product entering ports and American warehouses. It’s not just the prices of coffee beans that impact your cup of coffee, Copeka Cafe says he’s on a waiting list for plastic cups.

A co-owner of the café says she enjoys challenges and understands that rising costs help suppliers deliver quality products.

“Coffee producers can’t even afford to exist with what they’re paid for and we shouldn’t,” says Jana Joramo, co-owner of Copeka Coffee, “if you really want coffee to continue, you have to pay people properly. The things that are happening there are really affecting us.

Despite these challenges, local cafes are still struggling, but we could see the prices of the drink continue to rise.

“Importing coffee beans from Brazil to the United States costs about a dollar more per pound,” reports Cora Dickey. to drink.”

Any netting in the supply chain has an impact on the roasters. Drinks prices at The Coffee Trader’s fluctuate with what is happening in the industry. No matter how often costs change, cafe owners want customers to understand that quality is the priority.

“Quality and price go hand in hand,” says John Gozbekian, an enthusiast of the coffee industry. “Don’t be afraid to pay a little more, it helps farmers in Brazil and around the world. “


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