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Today’s Sound On is about giving back:

Dear Héloïse: My career paid me well for many years. With my assets acquired, I decided to donate to charities but also to strangers who might need a little extra money or just a nice surprise to brighten their day.

I would leave five dollars in a library book, or maybe a five dollar bill in the middle of a pile of books at a charity shop. I can put a ten dollar bill in the dresser drawer of an antique in a store and sometimes scatter coins on a sidewalk for the kids to find. A few times I tipped a waitress a $20 bill for a cup of coffee.

These aren’t huge sums, but for most people it’s a little thrill to find hidden money or something they weren’t expecting. And you never know… maybe it’s money someone needs to buy a meal. If someone who can afford it leaves just a little money where another person might stumble upon it, it could make that stranger’s day. — CJ, Ann Arbor, Mich.

CJ, it’s a nice gesture and it has undoubtedly made a number of people very happy. I think I’ll give it a try with the hope that it puts a smile on someone’s face and improves their day. — Heloise



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Quick gift ideas:

— A coffee mug with a gift card to a local cafe inside the mug.

— A bottle of wine with a bottle opener attached to the neck of the bottle.

— Coaster with four glasses (water glasses, wine glasses, etc.).

— Stationary notes/thanks with stamps.

— Homemade cake on a cake stand.


Dear Héloïse: With tax season, every year comes the crooks. You might get a call from someone telling you that your tax return is being withheld because they need your social security number, which was omitted on your income tax papers from the IRS, or because someone tried to access your account. Then they will ask you to give them your social security number to verify that it is really you. Someone will call you with just about any excuse to get personal and financial information from you. Do not give out any personal or financial information over the phone.

Every year people lose thousands of dollars because they gave too much information to a scammer, thinking they were talking to a tax official. As an added layer of protection, you can obtain a PIN for your IRS account. Simply go to www.IRS.gov/getanippin to set up a PIN. — Jacob T., Bangor, Maine


Dear Héloïse: A lot of product is wasted because people can’t squeeze or pump out the tiny bit at the bottom. I cut the tube in half, then use my finger or a cotton swab to squeeze out the rest of the product. I store the split tubes in a plastic bag for future use. — Loretta R., Garden Ridge, Texas

Loretta, I’ve always had trouble getting all the shampoo out of a bottle, until I added a little extra water and gave the bottle a shake, and then the shampoo came out easily. — Heloise

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