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SP is essential in Persona 5 Royal; this important resource is used to fuel your unique attacks. For example, using a fire type attack will use a certain amount of SP. As you progress through the game you might find it difficult to maintain it.

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In this guide, we are going to explain how to get your SP back. Collecting SP can be a bit difficult at the start of the game where resources can seem limited. First, let’s take a look at how to keep on SP without using any items. If you’re playing the original Persona 5, this guide may still apply to you! Many of these SP recovery methods apply to both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal.

Keep MS

battle with joker and captain on guard

In addition to getting SP items, you may need to keep your existing SP. If you are unable to find items that will recover your SP, you will need to prioritize basic attacks.

In general, most unique skills performed with a character will consume SP. Stronger skills also take more SP than weaker ones. Rather than using these personal skills by default, try using your basic attack and using your party’s weapons.

With powerful weapons and defense, you can quickly take out an enemy without using SP. Don’t forget to visit Untouchable, the weapons store in Shibuya. Here you can buy new weapons and guns.

This is a great method at the start of the game when enemies aren’t too strong yet. But as you play more enemies will get harder, forcing you to use skills and SP.

Globally, be careful with your SP. If you don’t need to use a skill, you shouldn’t.

Vending machine

joker and morgana looking at a vending machine

Vending machines are located in different places, allowing you to buy drinks. Many vending machines sell HP catering items. However, a few contain SP restoration items. You won’t have to unlock the use of a vending machine, which makes them useful at the start of the game.

The following items can be found in vending machines; both go restore 5 SP per use.

  • Arginade
  • Renaissance water

These items appear in a few different vending machines. Below, you can find each location for these items, along with their prices. Each of these vending machines sells both items at the same price.

Site Price
100 yen
300 yen
300 yen
  • Shinjuku
    • In front of the general store
    • Next to the bookstore
300 yen
  • Akihabara
    • In front of the Maid Cafe
    • In front of the retro game store
300 yen
  • Kichijoji
    • North downtown region
300 yen

Vending machine contain only two of each item, which means you can easily buy all the available stock. Fortunately, these vending machines will be restocked every Monday. Make sure to visit all of these locations to maximize the amount of Arginade and Water of Rebirth you can purchase.

Visit Takemi at the clinic

takemi item purchase screen

Takemi Medical Clinic will also offer three items that you can equip to collect SP. When equipped, your party will gain a certain amount of SP per turn.

This clinic is in Yongen-jaya, near the bottom of the map. These SP recovery items will become available once you reach Rank 5 with Takemi. In the table below, you will find the three SP recovery items along with their cost:

Item Cost
SP Adhesive 1 40,000 yen
SP Adhesive 2 80,000 yen
SP Adhesive 3 100,000 yen

Enemy drops

negotiate an item

Enemies will also have a chance to drop items that can recover some SP. These items can either be dropped after being defeated or traded, which can happen during a Heist. Instead of launching an all-out attack, try negotiating with the enemy – you might get a new item out of it! Be careful in these situations however; if you drive an enemy crazy, they can stop negotiating and attack you.

Below you can check out the SP collecting items that can come from enemies. Each enemy has a chance to drop / drop these items, regardless of location.

Item Effect
Soul drop restores 10 SP to an ally
Snuff soul restores 50 SP to an ally
Chewing soul restores 100 SP to an ally
Soul food fully restores SP to an ally

Story event items

date with makoto in the white

While you are living your life as an average high school student, there are a few story events that you can participate in that reward you with SP salvage items. These items are specific to certain characters and must be unlocked.

Below, you can find each SP recovery item along with how to acquire it.

Item Effect How to unlock
restores 10 SP to an ally given on valentine’s day if you don’t have a girlfriend
restores 10 SP to an ally offered on Valentine’s Day if you have more than two girlfriends
  • Ohya’s chocolate
  • Haru’s chocolate
  • Makoto chocolate
  • Anne’s chocolate
  • Futaba chocolate
  • Chihaya chocolate
  • Hifumi chocolate
  • Sadayo’s chocolate
  • Takemi’s chocolate
fully restores SP to an ally given on Valentine’s Day (from the girlfriend)
  • Makoto donuts
  • Sakura Amezaiku
  • Cream puffs Ann
  • Sadayo Taiyaki
  • Ryûji dog
restores 100 SP to an ally given during a post-festival party on 10/26

Make coffee and curry

joker and sojiro inside leblanc cafe

From Café Leblanc, you can concoct delicious coffee and curry dishes that recover MS.

To make coffee, you will need at least rank 2 with the hierophant confidant, Sojiro. Once you reach Rank 2, Sojiro will teach you how to make coffee. With rank 4, you will also be able to cook curries in the kitchen behind the bar.

Below, you can find all the coffee and cooking recipes, along with what they do.

Food product Effect Rank Requirement
Cafe Leblanc restores 30 SP to an ally Rank 2
Decent curry restores 20 SP to all allies Rank 4
Master Cafe restores 100 SP to an ally Rank 6
Leblanc curry restores 20 SP to all allies Rank 9
Master Curry restores 100 SP to all allies Rank 10

These recipes do not require any additional materials to make, you just have to visit Leblanc and start cooking. A cooking or brewing session will take time. But with Kawakami at rank 3, she can brew you coffee and curry while you do other things.

Buy SP items from Jose

joses store display

Jose is a new NPC in Persona 5 Royal, who can be found in Momentos. Rather than exchanging yen for items in Jose’s store, you exchange stamps and flowers.

Flowers are items that you can find around Mementos. Once you find Jose, you can exchange for a variety of goods, including a few SP salvage items.

These flowers will disappear after leaving Momentos, so be sure to spend them! When you first enter a new floor, a cutscene appears with Jose passing by. This cutscene indicates that it can be found on the ground. If the cutscene doesn’t happen, Jose won’t be available.

Below, you can find the SP salvage items that Jose offers, along with how many flowers you’ll need.

Item Effect Price (in flowers)
Soul drop restores 10 SP to an ally 15
Chewing soul restores 100 SP to an ally 170
Snuff soul restores 50 SP to an ally 75
Endurance kit S restores 20% of SP for all allies (can only be used in safe areas) 80
Endurance kit L restores 40% of SP for all allies (can only be used in safe areas) 210

Specialty shops

joker talking with a sweet potato vendor

Finally, let’s review the salvage of SP items that can be purchased at specialty stores. These are stores that can be found throughout the city, offering a variety of items that can be used in battle or as gifts.

Below, you can find each specialty store that sells SP items, along with their location.

Item Shop Site Effect Price
Beni-Azuma Sweet Potato Vendor Yongen-jaya restores 10 SP
  • 800 yen
    • only available in autumn
Legendary Yaki-imo Sweet Potato Vendor Yongen-jaya restores 50 SP
  • 1,800 yen
    • only available in winter
Big Katsu Fried food store Kichijoji shopping district restores 30 SP
  • 150 yen
    • only available on Sunday evening
Special Chimaki Wrap Chinese bun shop Kichijoji shopping district restores 100 SP

That’s all the ways to get SP in Persona 5 Royal. All in all, you should prioritize purchasing SP adhesives at the clinic. This is a one-time purchase that will continually increase your SP. Rather than spending money on a daily basis, you can just equip these SP boosting items.

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