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PJ’s Coffee Franchise Director: Women Should ‘Rise’ In The Industry | Women in leadership


Tori Jones Bermond, Director of Franchise Development at PJ’s Coffee, explains why she is passionate about helping women become business owners.

Tori Jones Bermond, Franchise Development Manager, PJ’s Coffee. provided

By Tori Jones Bermond, Franchise Development Manager, PJ’s Coffee

Before discovering my love for the franchise industry and providing business owners with the right tools and information to succeed, I found myself recently graduating from Louisiana State University with a major in Merchandising and a minor in Business Administration. business. Although I wasn’t sure where I wanted to start my career, my brother attended his Join the Team day, where he, a multi-unit franchisee for PJ’s Coffee, taught me more about the business and shared with me. an open position they had to offer.

During my time at LSU, I had been an intern in sports properties, where I worked on the client relations side of their sports teams; interact with corporate sponsor representatives, assist with client activation and complete client summaries. It gave me the exposure I needed to build relationships and create success between myself and my client base. After months of searching for a job, I couldn’t get rid of this feeling of emptiness after every interview. Then, after four months, I got a call from the PJ Corporate Team and accepted my initial position as Franchise Development Coordinator in April 2018.

As soon as I started my journey at PJ’s, I felt I understood everything and started pushing my supervisors by asking them, “What can I do next?” It was then that I heard about the Certified Franchise Executive program and finally completed the program in October 2020. I now hold the title of Franchise Development Manager at PJ’s Coffee and I act as a silent investor in one place.

Support candidates throughout the discovery process
Once the team members have passed all the pre-qualifications, I then handle the introductory phone calls and complete the discovery phone calls with the candidates. I am able to make sure they feel fully equipped and informed about the level of training, marketing and ongoing support available. I also oversee consultant / broker relationships to further assist them throughout the discovery process.

Feeding women entrepreneurs
Whether at the corporate level, building our team of formidable leaders who continue to create success within the company or onboarding new female business owners, it is an honor to see this number of women leaders increase.

It’s always inspiring to welcome new budding entrepreneurs to achieve their personal goals through the business. In fact, of the 11 most recent people I licensed to franchise, seven of them were women keen to start their next business with the PJ family of franchises and their growing network of over 130 locations. .

Anyone considering a career in franchising should know that there are no limits. There will always be a way to further your education and career, especially in the franchise world. Plus, if you stand behind a brand that you are truly passionate about, it makes working or going out on your own even better.

Why the franchise works for everyone
I am passionate about the franchise system and think it is a great way to work with a proven system. Many franchisors have been around for several years and have all the systems and processes in place for you. In turn, it sets up an easier operation for the owner and takes a lot of the stress out of the business owner. Having the ability to pick up the phone to text and / or call someone when you have a question or problem in your business is priceless, and that’s what you get with franchise support. . As candidates go through their own discovery process, this is their opportunity to ask the right questions to ensure they are matching with an infrastructure and model that matches their mission and vision.

Look at resources and networks
By obtaining my CFE, he opened many doors to networking. I have met some amazing franchise executives across the country and have been fortunate enough to partner with some of the best in the business. I am actively working with DeBow Padgett (Marketing Director of Color Me Mine) to co-chair / found the chapter of the New Orleans Women Franchise Network. I’m grateful to have found the franchise community and been able to be one of the first to introduce entrepreneurs to an endless world of resources available internally and externally.

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