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Pret a Manger tempts American coffee lovers with subscription service

  • Pret A Manger launched its coffee subscription program in New York and Washington, DC
  • It follows a successful rollout in the UK, which garnered 16,500 subscriptions on its debut day.
  • The coffee market is showing resilience, said an expert from the Specialty Coffee Association.

The Pret A Manger coffeehouse chain has launched its coffee subscription service in New York and Washington DC, the company recently announced.

Its debut in the United States comes after a successful deployment in the UK market. In 2020, Pret collected 16,500 subscriptions on its first day in the UK.

“After being successful in the UK market, Pret A Manger looks forward to offering its US customers a program with similar benefits, starting with a free first month for all new subscribers,” the company said in a statement. communicated.

The coffee market has been resilient during the pandemic, according to Peter Giuliano, research director for the Specialty Coffee Association. “A lot of people predicted a reduction in coffee consumption caused by the pandemic, with some even predicting the end of small coffee,” he told Insider.

However, some brands have been able to adapt to a new normal. “Channels that have pivoted heavily towards home consumption, focusing on programs like subscription services, seemed more resilient during the pandemic,” Giuliano said.

The service will work through Apple or Google digital wallets or QR codes, which are emailed to subscribers.

As in the UK, customers must wait 30 minutes between each order using the service. This is to prevent people from buying drinks unnecessarily or for friends without a subscription, reported Grace Dean of Insider.

“We recognize that our customers need ease, flexibility and value, and this subscription model will be able to deliver that,” said Jorrie Bruffett, president of Pret A Manger in the United States.

Bruffett said the chain has also invested in new technology to improve the overall customer experience. “Along with this technological innovation comes a new app design and more exclusive benefits that will launch later this year,” he said in a statement.

The subscription economy has grown by more than 435% over the past nine years, according to Zuora, a subscription management platform.

Like Pret, other restaurant chains have tested subscription models as a way to retain customers. Restaurants are tracking the success of Netflix and Amazon models in the subscription-based retail industry, which is expected to reach $ 263 billion by 2025 according to Juniper Research.

In 2020, Panera launched an unlimited coffee subscription for members of its MyPanera loyalty program, which costs $ 8.99 per month, or about $ 108 per year.

More recently, Taco Bell announced that it is testing an in-app-only taco subscription in Arizona for $ 5. Customers who sign up for a Taco Lover’s Pass can enjoy one free taco every day, for 30 days.

Pret’s subscription service is part of a plan to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

The company’s sales are down 74% in 2020, compared to 2019. According to Grace Dean of Insider. It also cut a third of its UK workforce in 2020 and closed several stores in the US.

But Sean Keith, director of new business development at Eagle Eye, which powers Pret’s subscription, previously told Insider the subscription program was successful in attracting new customers and keeping them coming back.

“We see that the companies that play in subscriptions are competing with the companies that are not,” he said.

Pret’s classic plan is $ 19.99 per month and includes all organic coffees and teas with the addition of flavored syrup.

Its premium plan costs $ 29.99 per month and includes all espresso-based drinks made by baristas, as well as organic coffees and teas with the addition of espresso or flavored syrup. Both plans include hot or frozen drinks of any size.


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