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Pumpkin Spice Meets Its Match – The Daily Evergreen


Hot or iced, chai is the best fall drink


A cup of hot Chai tea in a yellow mug is surrounded by autumnal scenery.

If autumn could be described by a drink, it would be chai tea.

It’s finally starting to look like Pullman fall, with colder morning walks to school and even colder nights. These times call for a drink to warm us up.

London Fog, Hot Chocolate, and Classic Coffee are all great options for adding a little coziness when heading to class in the cold, but there’s an even better option.

The best uplifting drink for the fall season is easily chai tea. Based on black tea and often milk, it is a smooth and luxurious drink. With its spicy flavors, you might as well call it falling into a cup.

However, some believe that classic flavors like hazelnut or plain coffee cannot be replaced.

Junior finance major Andrea Sanchez said that as a former barista, she would find more comfort with a hazelnut latte than with chai or pumpkin spice.

“I love the spicy aspect of the chai,” said Sanchez. “It has a good flavor compared to how sweet pumpkin spice can be.”

Pumpkin and spice lattes aren’t my cup of tea, but it’s a good choice for those who want something a little sweeter.

While popularity-wise, the chai isn’t at the top of everyone’s list, I firmly believe that spiciness mixed with sweetness fulfills every desire this season has to offer.

Part of the coffee preference over tea could be due to the differences in caffeine. A pumpkin and spice latte contains more caffeine than chai tea. For students in particular, this makes a lot of sense.

“Students tend to go for more coffee,” Sanchez said. “They always need something to wake them up.”

As we all know, we could always use an extra boost in our day. So if you want the taste of chai but more caffeine, I recommend adding a shot of espresso to any chai drink. Making your drink a “dirty chai” is the best of both worlds.

For those who prefer milk or need a milk substitute, chai goes perfectly with almond or oat milk. It’s also a perfect flavor to mix with other fall favorites like pumpkin.

Madelyn Butcher, major in hospitality business management, has been a barista for some time.

“Chai tea is underrated,” said Butcher. “You can add many things such as espresso or pumpkin spice to make it to your liking. “

Changing your drink to your preferences is always a perfect option for those who want to try something new.

There are many cafes in Pullman that will combine the ambiance of fall with your craving for something cozy. Roost Coffee & Market, Starbucks or Thomas Hammer are all perfect options.

I have found that going to a cafe to drink chai tea is almost therapeutic. As the weather in Pullman gets even colder, now is a great time to try it out for yourself!

Whether you’re stopping by a local cafe to study or to meet up with friends, you can’t go wrong with chai tea. Versatile, sweet, spicy and hot, it can satisfy your fall cravings with just one cup.

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