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Qargo coffee is coming soon to Colorado


Buffalo Plains State is Next in Qargo Coffee’s Continued Expansion

Colorado is known as the home of the Rocky Mountains, ski resorts and forests, and now it will also be the new location for Qargo Coffee: a coffee brand that is gaining popularity among coffee lovers, thanks to their coffee Italian Lavazza and their Bindi Pastries and Baked Goods.

After signing strategic franchises for Michigan and Nevada, this company is ready to take on its next big challenge for the development of 5 new store locations in Colorado, a destination that makes sense with the brand philosophy that is to empower creators while providing an ideal space. to work, study, relax and enjoy high quality coffee.

But what makes Qargo Coffee so different from its Colorado competitors? The answer is simple: they are the first coffee brand in the state to offer more than just delicious coffee, but rather a complete customer service experience, a menu of premium products, fascinating facilities and more.

We are very excited to hit the road and open stores in the Rocky Mountain State. We’re going to have 5 new locations in the Denver metro area and we’re excited to have the chance to get to the middle of the US and go to the state of Colorado. We are really looking forward to opening our first store there. – said Thomas Scott, CEO of Qargo Coffee.

And emulating their successful model of previous locations, Qargo is also committed to raising the bar in terms of architecture, with their modern and clean design, while paying homage to the shipping industry, its impact on the economic growth and the development of international trade. . A true groundbreaking statement for a rather traditional landscape in colorful Colorado.

With its range of food and beverages, Qargo is also ready to compete for the title of the best coffee in the state, also considering that its high-end ally and supplier, Lavazza, has now been ranked as the “Top 2 Coffee Maker” in the country, in terms of origin, coffee-making technique, taste, aroma and versatility.

So next time you’re skiing the slopes of Colorado, make sure your pit stop is at Qargo Coffee’s new store in The Highest State!

About Qargo Coffee

Qargo Coffee is a specialty coffee shop that proudly serves world-renowned, sustainably sourced Lavazza coffee, inspired craft beverages, delicious pastries, tasty bakery, lunches and snacks. Founded in 2020, the Florida-based company is on a mission to create a new coffee experience and their locations create an oasis for a relaxing moment, an intimate conversation or a gathering of friends.

They are also committed to developing new sites with environmentally responsible construction methods and sustainable best practices, while positioning themselves to expand into select markets across the United States.

Find out more about their products and their new locations on their social networks:

Official site: https://www.qargocoffee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QargoCoffeeOfficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qargocoffeeofficial/

Or contact Qargo Coffee for more information:

Thomas Scott

(786) 913-9991

[email protected]

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