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Scanning your coffee info just got easier with iOS 15’s brew timer and live text


Brew Timer has just been updated to include iOS 15 live text support, making it easier than ever to enter coffee data like brand, grind, and more. The updated app is available in the App Store and is a free upgrade for existing users.

For those who are unfamiliar, Live Text allows an iPhone’s camera to look at something and identify the text. It could be a photo you’ve taken before or anything the camera is currently looking at. This is where it comes into its own with Brew Timer – you can point your iPhone at a bag of coffee and have the app automatically recognize the text on its bag, ready to be typed.

Tracking which coffee beans you’ve tried is a great way to expand your coffee knowledge. Unfortunately, this often seems a bit tedious. Everything changes today!

Meet Bean Scanner: Now you can use your camera to magically record all the essential details of your coffee bag. By merging the live text of iOS 15 with the coffee intelligence of Brew Timer, you can do it without typing a single word on your keyboard! Try it, track your coffee, expand your knowledge.

Other improvements include a new precision brew timer as well as a ton of fixes and small improvements that you can read in the App Store right now.

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Want to take a ride with Brew Timer’s new bean scanner? You can download it right now from the App Store for just $ 2.99. Live Text is one of the best iPhone features that apps are just starting to use – and Brew Timer is here with the best of them.

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