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Simonelli Announces GX Grinder Series


Nuova Simonelli has unveiled its new GX Grinder series, available in three different versions, GX85, GX85V and GX85, according to the needs of each size of business.

Using its proprietary ClimaPro technology, Simonelli has created the GX Grinder Series to keep the grinding chamber temperature constant, leading to consistent coffee every time.

In addition to higher productivity and speed, Simonelli says the GX grinder uses less electricity than an average grinder, leading to lower electricity consumption costs for coffee chains. The compact size of the GX grinders also saves space with its ergonomic design and is easy to operate and maintain thanks to the simplified accessibility and user-friendly touch screen.

Simonelli says businesses that require medium productivity, such as restaurants and hotels, are suitable for the GX85, which has a fixed speed, making it reliable for hourly production. The GX85 and Appia Life XT are the perfect pair to deliver standard quality and consistency for all coffee needs.

For busier businesses and coffeehouse chains, the company says the GX85V is ideal with variable speeds, allowing for a simpler and more efficient way to grind a lot of coffee in a short time. This can be paired with the Aurelia Wave for greater productivity with the ability to change speeds to meet production needs during peak hours.

Simonelli says the GX85W grinder is also ideal for larger coffee chains, as businesses can set the coffee weight, maintaining a perfect grind regardless of the amount of ground coffee. When paired with the Aurelia Wave UX, the GX85W ensures fast workflow and reduced waste per cup.

The company says that by pairing each coffee grinder with its individual coffee machine, a coffee chain can improve workflow, productivity, energy and electricity savings, consistency and coffee quality.

For more information, visit the Simonelli website.