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Slow & Low by Cooper Spirits adds a new coffee variant


Cooper Spirits recently announced “Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned”, the very first expansion of its iconic Slow & Low brand.

The new phrase, which will roll out nationwide this fall, is inspired by Café Brûlot, the classic New Orleans coffee drink where the brand first launched. It was produced in partnership with Intelligentsia Coffee, a specialty coffee pioneer, and is considered by brands to be the first bottled coffee cocktail that uses real coffee expertly brewed by a renowned roaster.

The Old-Fashioned Slow & Low Coffee retails for a suggested retail price of $ 26.99 at an ABV of 40%. It contains a blend of pure rye whiskey aged two years; Intelligentsia cold coffee made from a blend of coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru; raw honey; demerara cane sugar; aromatic bitters and orange zest.

Old-fashioned slow and low coffee (image via Cooper Spirits)

The development of Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned was led by Chad Solomon, the company’s director of business advocacy and innovation. Solomon was also directly involved in the creation of the original Slow & Low. It took around 60 iterations of Old-Fashioned Slow & Low Coffee to achieve what is described as the optimal balance between the ingredients and to reach the sensory targets for aroma and mouth feel.

“Slow & Low is more than a bottled cocktail, it is a lifestyle, a complete mindset that celebrates a free spirit, the willingness to push boundaries and create new discoveries,” said Solomon in a prepared statement. “We were thrilled to collaborate with them, innovating both coffee culture and Slow & Low to bring to life a new take on the classic coffee cocktail, Café Brûlot. Bold, bright and bursting with baking spice, our Slow & Low Old-Fashioned coffee is made from a base of pure rye whiskey and carefully sourced and extracted Intelligentsia Cold Coffee, lightly sweetened with raw honey and demerara cane sugar, modified with aromatic bitters. , and underlined with the navel orange peel. It points to a hefty 80 mark and is devilishly delicious.

Cooper Spirits and Intelligentsia Coffee have chosen to prepare the cocktail with the Cold Coffee blend from Intelligentsia.

The Slow & Low brand is available in bottled and canned expressions including Slow & Low Rock & Rye and Slow & Low Coffee Old-Fashioned.


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